Feel Good Friday!

What better day to make sure you’re feeling fabulous than on a Friday?!

The Year 6s showed up feeling good right from the start this morning: comfortably casual, courageously colourful, bright and yellow…the list goes on!

Our Feel Good Friday consisted of finding (and practising!) some strategies that make us feel good. We had a smiling session, and laughing session, and exercise session AND a compliments session. We also debated how to be happy, and discussed the importance of embracing all of our different emotions, as well as what to do wif we’re feeling down.

It was lovely to find out about what makes all the Year 6’s so happy in life: football, cooking, basketball, hair cuts, anime…and bed! Most importantly, our Year 6s realised that spending time with family and friends was one of the most effective ways to BE HAPPY!

Take a look at our Feel Good Friday antics ๐Ÿ™‚


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