Finding Happiness in Rainbows

As you all know, rainbows are a symbol of hope and happiness. We at BRW have quite a few in our windows to say thank you for all the incredible work that the National Health Service are selflessly doing for us all. We are doing our part, by isolating at home to help us all stay safe and avoid spreading the Coronavirus.

After speaking to some parents, I know you have been busy making some of your own. This certainly brightens up the daily exercise walks around your local area!

Maci, Ashleigh and Ruby sent these lovely photos of the amazing creation in their front window. Maybe, you’ve even seen it as you’ve passed? Have you got your own to share? Well done girls, it must have taken ages to do.

Send them to and we’ll add them to this blog.

Here’s some more from Alice in Y4! Impressive, intricate details! Well done!









Here are some rainbows that Tilly in Y3 has been busy painting and drawing to show hope and happiness in our area and to thank the NHS. These are all great. Keep them coming!

More rainbows from Alice!

Look at this incredible RAINBOW CAKE! yUM!


  1. What lovely photographs, thank you for sharing these girls. You have been very busy indeed. Mrs Maylard-Mason

  2. These have made me smile! What an amazing effort to say thank you and brighten up someone’s day. Well done!

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