Flying the Flag for Maths

Did you know that flags have countless mathematical properties?

Symmetry, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, angles…to name a few!

What can you learn from these Year 6 investigations into the flags of Africa?

Why not choose your own flag and investigate in the same way?


  1. I enjoyed doing flag maths because as well as doing maths I also learnt more about Africa and it’s countries.

  2. There are actually many shapes and properties in African flags. I loved this homework so much, it was really interesting.

  3. We learnt a lot from this homework. I learnt that most African flags have rectangles, stars or circles and that the main colours of all of them are red, yellow and green. I did my homework with Maria-sol and Scarlett and together we created a whole booklet of flags. I think that learning from flags is a good way to learn about the country and to deeper our learning in Maths.

  4. This was so fun to do. I learned so much about the six different flags of Africa that I chose. I got to see if there were any parallel lines which are lines that never meet if continued as well as perpendicular lines which are lines that cross or meet at a right angle but if continued will never meet again. We saw if there were any lines of symmetry, what shapes there were and how many shapes there were in the flag you chose, what angles there were in our flags and finally what country the flag belonged to.

  5. The flag homework was really fun. The homework really improved my maths skill made me a greater mathmacian. It was fun finding about all the flag’s symmetry and where it was parallel.

  6. It was a challenging homework but I got there in the end. It was also very fun, as we annotated diffrent flags in Africa and we also found out that how many flags are there and how many parallel line there are in particular flags..

  7. I loved learning different countries with different flags and how they can really effect in maths it’s brilliant for practicing maths with lines of symmetry, parallel lines and perpendicular lines and also the shapes that are created inside the shapes!

  8. This homework was fun but challenging as we had to look for lines of symmetry and shapes within the flags, but I never gave up and I got there in the end.

  9. This was a fun and educational homework! We had to find angles, perpendicular lines and parallel lines. I enjoyed this homework and my work is on the board yay!

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