Football is my Life

My hobby is football. I have a certain passion for this game that uses science and maths to make it amazing.

Many people believe that football is a waste of time but I (as many others) truly love this sport my favourite team is the pride of London Chelsea. I have supported them since I found out about this life-changing game. As well as loving this game, I have become a natural and me and the football are one.

I aspire to continue as a football fan and achieve my ambition of becoming a surgeon. I will always love Chelsea with their extremely strong youth to their veterans. My favourite players right now include: Mount, Abraham, Tomori and of course Callum Hudson-Odoi.

I appreciate how much this game has taught me, keeping my cool and tactics. Football is the most played and watched sport in the world. In the 2014 World Cup over 1.5 billion people watched it.

Come on  Lions 2020&2022 is our years let’s win the World Cup and the Euros. THREE LIONS,THREE LIONS,ITS COMING HOME, IT’S COMING, FOOTBALL’S COMING HOME. I love this incredible sport and I will never stop this love.

Do you have a passion like mine? What is it?



Aiden Menacherry


  1. You are a professional at football he even skilled me keep it up and you will be a shining star in the future 😃

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