Foundation Stage’s Appointment With A Real Nurse!

We were excited to welcome Daisy’s grandma into our Foundation Stage this morning.  She told us she was a nurse and helped to look after different people.  As we are thinking about how to look after ourselves and our bodies at the moment, this was very interesting!

She showed us the torches that nurses use to look in people’s throats and eyes and we got our throats and eyes checked too.  We remembered to say ‘ahh’ when we opened our mouths so she could shine the torch down properly.

She showed us some x-rays and talked about why they are important; we learnt that they help doctors to see whether our bones are broken.

She shared some information books on hospitals and doctors and talked about what might happen when you went to the doctor or the hospital.

Then, we got to listen to our own heartbeats with a stethoscope which we loved!

Thank you to Daisy’s grandma for coming to share your expertise and knowledge.


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