Friendship Liturgy

Yesterday, 16.01.19 Year 5 led ks2 in a liturgy about friendship (Relationships). KS2 entered the liturgy with calm music as 4 children held candles at the main entrances into the hall.

We started off with the sign of the cross to remember the holy trinity. We read the scripture witch was from Matthews Gospel (18:21-22) which story symbolises to forgive 70 times 7 which means to forgive endlessly.

After the scripture we meditated on how to be a better friend. Some of year 5 led us in sorry prayers about being disobedient to each other. Asking for Jesus to guide us to be better friends.
We made a friendship chain to show how friends are supposed to link. We wrote on the strip of paper how we can be a better friend to each other.

We sang Walk kindly with your God as the chain was being made. Our mission was to go out and be a better friend.
We all enjoyed every minute and loved thinking how to be a better friend.

George, Leila, Nima and Aiden

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  1. I really enjoyed that year 5 took charge of the liturgy that year 6 normally lead. It was kind if nice to see other people in action. I enjoy there decision on doing paper chain for the response.

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