FS and KS1 Liturgy – Challenge!

The theme of our liturgy on Thursday was challenges!

As we walked into the liturgy we were greeted by the Class 2 liturgy team who shook our hands and made us feel welcome. The prayer focus they had created looked beautiful and had lots of candles on it.

We looked at turning to the Bible during the times when we are struggling and feeling challenged, and we heard a piece of scripture from Matthew’s Gospel. The scripture says ‘The people living in darkness have seen a great light’. The light we hear about is Jesus. When we face challenges it can feel like being in darkness. But now we have the light of Christ that guides us and helps us.

After we heard the scripture, the lights were turned off in the hall and we spent some time looking at the candles on the prayer focus as we reflected on a challenge we are facing and we remembered that Jesus’ light is always with us.

We then sang the hymn ‘Christ be our Light’ and we joined in with the actions that the liturgy team had created which was really fun!

The liturgy team gave us the mission and challenge of gaining discipleship diamonds by being like Jesus. We are excited to follow Jesus’ footsteps and become a better disciple by being kind, spreading the good news and by being responsible and hard working!

By Mia and Osayu 🙂 🙂



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