FS and KS1 Liturgy: Find The Joy All Around You!

Hello FS and KS1 Children!

Today is Thursday so normally in school we would have a FS/KS1 Liturgy led by our wonderful Year 2 Liturgy Team.

Sadly, we can’t all be together today but we can still celebrate liturgies and pray at home.

Elizabeth (a Year 2 Liturgy Leader) has produced this inspirational liturgy for you to follow at home. She has made sure she has followed the four key parts of the liturgy:

Gather: bring your family together to worship. Perhaps your could light a candle if you ask your adult’s permission. You could also use the Bibles you were given from school as part of your prayer focus.

Word: Read the scripture that Elizabeth has prepared.

Response: Take some time to think about the questions Elizabeth has written for you. Talk to your family about your ideas.

Mission: Follow Elizabeth’s mission for you by spreading joy to others!

A big thank you to Elizabeth for such a wonderful Liturgy.

Here is a song you might want to play whilst gathering for your liturgy.


Here is a link to another exciting opportunity to gather together and worship. The Nottingham Youth Service is organising a Big Schools Get Together. There will be lots of competitions and special guests. If you want to join in and get some shout-outs then sign up using the link below!

The Big Schools Get Together


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  1. Elizabeth, you are a true inspiration. Thank you for this beautiful liturgy. It is so important to feel that joy at this time.

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