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25th January 2021

Hello Everybody in FS1 

Well done for another super week’s learning with our online sessions. I know it must sometimes be very hard to persuade young children to sit on a chair for 15 minutes!

This week we will be focusing on two stories – continuing our traditional stories with The Gingerbread Man https://youtu.be/QN1EgpY4X8Y and also using The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a basis to our maths learning. https://youtu.be/lmviIYPdzUE

Please read the timetable first (complete with The Gingerbread Man challenges), then the Phonics and Maths plan for the whole week. Any resources you need will be below:

FS1 Timetable. 25.01.21 docx

Phonics and Maths Plans 25.01.21

Hidden Pictures 2

Kim’s game pictures

Silly soup S pictures

Silly soup T pictures

snap words. 4 docx

I have 10 fingersHandwriting session

art printing  This is the same plan as last week to encourage children to develop their printing so, for example, if they printed with circles last week, they may like to make a pattern with them this week or use them to create a picture.  Equally, they may want to repeat what they have done and this is equally good as art should be about the process and not the end product. 

Come & See – Celebrating plan 3 As part of our Celebrating topic we would normally go to church and use spotter sheets to help us find key artefacts such as a crucifix, the altar, pews, hymn books and a font.  As this is not possible at the moment, here are some ideas to help you celebrate a Liturgy together at home.

See you soon, stay strong, healthy and safe.

Miss Chapman

18th January 2021

Hello Everybody in FS1 

Firstly to all the Parents: I am in awe of the fabulous support you are giving to the children attending the Live Lessons – you should be so proud of how the children are responding. Thank you. 

Please also bear in mind that I am pitching my teaching to a wide range of children – some have been in school for three terms, some for two days and others somewhere in between, so if your child is struggling with anything (eg recognising letter sounds or counting), please don’t worry, they will be absorbing anything they are ready to take in.

This week apart from phonics and maths, our topic will be The Magic Porridge Pot.    Follow this link for the story:


Please read the timetable first (complete with The Magic Porridge Pot challenges), then the Phonics and Maths plan for the whole week. Any resources you need will be below.

FS1 Timetable. 18.01.21 docx

Plan for school 3

Hidden Pictures 2

snap words. 3 docx

Composition cars and car park

Composition house and people

Odd one out. 2docx

Come & See – Celebrating plan 2

art printing

See you soon, stay strong, healthy and safe.

Miss Chapman

11th January 2021

Hello Everybody in FS1 

It has been great to see everybody who has been able to join the Live Lessons, please try to join this week if you haven’t already done so.

This week apart from phonics and maths, our topic will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears.    Follow this link for the story:


or  https://youtu.be/RdiUpX7ukuA (this is Miss Matthews reading the story)

Please read the timetable first (complete with Goldilocks’ challenges), then the Phonics and Maths plan for the whole week. Any resources you need will be below eg Body Percussion rhyme for the phonics sessions. The Sink or Swim activity is for the science investigation and then the Come and See Activity is at the end.  Here are all the plans and activities for this week: 

FS1 Timetable. 11.01.21 docx

Phonics and Maths 11.01.21

Body Percussion

Hidden Pictures

snap words

snap words. 2docx

Odd one out


Tommy Thumb up


Come & See – Celebrating plan

See you soon, stay strong, healthy and safe.

Miss Chapman

7th January 2021

Hello Everybody in FS1

I hope you are all keeping well and safe, whether at home or school – it is important to remember that, as the quote says above, we are all still one class together at heart. 

Each week I will send a timetable which will include three suggested activities for each day – phonics, maths and one other area of learning. If possible, please support your child to join the Live Lessons each day – they will be able to see their friends, keep in touch with me and you know that they will be learning some phonics and maths each day too. 

Some of the resources are linked below, but you will need the physical Home/School Learning packs – please collect from school this week, if you have not already done so.  

Thank you and please e-mail admin@brw.nottingham.sch.uk with any questions or photographs of your child learning – Mrs Shakh will forward them on to me and I will reply. 

See you soon

Miss Chapman

Here is the timetable for the rest of this week:  FS1 Timetable

Phonics – 8th  and 9th January      –      Repetition = Deeper Understanding

Read Peace at Last:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U9y35kWBvM – notice the different environmental sounds.

Sing: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

General Sound Discrimination – Environmental Sounds – Choose one of the activities from this sheet to do each day.


Sing: the alphabet song and track the letters on the Alphabet sheet.

Activity: Fastest finger sheet (in your pack – lots of letters randomly on sheet) – find given letter sound.

Extension for Caterpillar Group: Try to read a word by saying the letter sounds and blending them together – hen, red, bag (write on whiteboard for child to read). 

Maths – 8th and 9th January       –      Repetition = Deeper Understanding

Review: Count to 10 using fingers / Show a dice (or draw dot formations on whiteboard) and children say how many / Show fingers and children say how many

Sing Alice the Camel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBe49Yo3ca8

Count out 5 objects (onto the 5 or 10 frame in your pack) and then remove one each verse – notice the change from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 – what are the numbers doing?

Extension for Caterpillar Group: Listen to song again and record on whiteboards – 5 marks to begin with, then 4 etc. Talk about what change is happening (1 less each time).

Week beginning 23rd November 2020

Hello Again FS1,

It has been lovely to see some of you during the Live Lessons and I am proud of how well you have been learning.

I know lots of you have also been very busy with the activities from last week’s plan – well done. If any of you have work you would like to share with me, please e-mail Mrs Shakh and she will pass it on to me or you can bring it in on Thursday, when you return to school.

Only a few days to go now before we can all be together again and plenty to keep you busy in the meantime.

The timetable for Monday until Wednesday is below, so just like last week, you can choose between the Live Lessons with me, watching the videos and powerpoints (Mr Harvey has done some great ones to help you learn letter sounds and practise counting)  or downloading the other activities to try at home.

FS1 Week 2 Remote Learning Plan for Parents

Monday Phonics https://youtu.be/G2wgBMnb9Jc

Tuesday Phonics https://youtu.be/sQQW9Nqt49s

Wednesday Phonics  https://youtu.be/MyPo12FmNhw

Monday Maths:  Composition https://youtu.be/_YRmwd6hkVQ

Tuesday Maths:  Composition https://youtu.be/hLm7mMKzZ4U

Wednesday Maths:  Composition https://youtu.be/QD2iQb8SE1E

The BRW Maths Challenge eg

Please watch the video of me reading The Train Ride story https://youtu.be/GRrBIHfS3LQ

as we will be using that as a basis for our Christmas story this year – not a train ride of course, but a donkey ride!

You could also play this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVQPmtjHzh4&list=PL4gFFXUP7yVqrq58TuoQQZw31JOQkI1Mq&index=1

to help you get ready for this learning.

See you soon

Miss Chapman


Hello FS1

Wednesday: Scroll down to find me telling the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story (copy the link into your URL bar).

I hope you are all well and am looking forward to seeing you again next week.  Don’t worry about missing school because we’ll soon all be back together again and, in the meantime, I have lots of activities for you to get busy with at home.

Here is a timetable of the week to come – there will be a mixture of activities on the blog, pre-recorded stories to listen to and some short phonics and maths sessions that you can join in through Microsoft Teams. FS1 Week 1 Remote Learning Plan for Parents  There may be a few changes as we go, but this will get you started.  Links for all the resources mentioned in the plan are below:     The Live Lessons for FS1 will be at 9am and 11am each morning. There will also be a dance lesson with Mrs Bathgate at 2.30pm on Friday. 

letter writing activities (Recovered)

fine motor challenges


Scavenger hunt h, e

10 and 5 frame red.

Playdough recipe for children

action cards

words to read



Have fun – hope to see you during the Live Lessons.

Bye for now

Miss Chapman