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Reviews are popular when it comes to gaming because it tells you about the game and if it is good or not to recommend it to gamers.


In my favourite game, FIFA Ultimate Team, you start from the bottom and progress your way to the top starting with bronze cards and beginning to earn gold ones by doing: challenges, opening packs and SBCs (squad building challenges) to do this.


Gaming platforms have different types of controllers which mean different buttons; in this case, they are mostly similar, like PS and X Box the layout is very alike having the same button layout.


In gaming has mainly progressed in competitions going from little head to heads to TOURNAMENTS world wide!

an example is on FIFA we have ‘Fut champs’ which allows you to be one of the best players of all time!


  1. Your detailed review of gaming has taught me everything I need to know!What do you like most about Fifa Ultimate Team?

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