Gardening Greenfingers!

Take a look at Libby’s lockdown passion: gardening!

During lockdown my dad and I started to get more nature for our garden, we got plants such as raspberry, strawberry and tomatoes! I have been growing them for a while now and so far they are thriving. We have not got any actual fruit yet but we can see the plants are getting there.

First, is a rasberry plant. Floricane rasberries have a stem which grows in the first year within this year the plant does not bear any fruit. It can take up to two years for a rasberry plant to grow actual fruit. Most people will buy summer-fruiting rasberries, which are ready to harvest in early summer (early June). You can also buy autumn-fruiting rasberries which will bloom in late August to September. The most popular type of rasberry is the ‘Malling Admiral’ this is most favourited because of its magnificant flavour and dark red fruit.

Next up is the strawberry plant. Strawberries produce fruit in the summer time from early June to early August. Impressively, strawberry plants can harvest fruit for up to 5-6 years however after the first two years there is likely to be a build-up of pests and diseases, this is why many clear out the strawberry plant and replace it with a new one after 2 years. Suprisingly, there are over 50 differant types of strawberry plants. Honeoye is the most popular type of strawberries, it is a summer-fruiting plant as it blossoms in June.

In another part of the garden there are tomatoes .Tomatoes can be planted in late March to early April however if you are growing them in a greenhouse then you can sow them earlier, such as late February to mid March. A tomato plant can live up to 6 months starting from the seed to the actual plant. Extraordinarily, there are 10,000 types of tomato plants you can choose from, they can be all sorts of colours like pink, purple, black or white! The ‘Big Beef ‘ is the most popular type of tomato it has an old-time flavour to it but has tricky vines which can discourage gardeners. Big Beef is reliable and will still harvest fruit throughout cool or wet weather.

Lastly, is the sunflower . Did you know that each sunflower can contain up to 1,000 seeds. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 as part of a healthy diet. The seeds also provide a nutritional diet for the birds. Also the largest sunflower to be recorded was over 30 feet tall! There are over 70 species of sunflowers. Astonishingly, sunflowers track the sun. Another fact is that sunflowers are native to North America. The most popular type of sunflower is called ‘America’s giant sunflower’ this is used in competitions and can grow up to 15 feet tall with faces around 1 foot wide. The stems are chunky and are sturdy to hold up the heavy head of the sunflower.

What are you favourite plants? Do share this passion too?

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  1. Wow you know so much about gardening-I’ve planted 4 sunflower seeds but only two grew. And someone at the park cut the 2nd down. But I still managed to get the seeds. I got at least 80. I couldn’t get them all out.

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