God loves me and God knows me

This morning we started our Liturgy with the sign of the cross. Hayley read our scripture from the Bible which was from the Book of Psalms. As Hayley read the scripture some people from the Year 2 Liturgy Team put down special objects. They put down a microphone to show that God helps us to speak, they put down a magnifiying glass because God sees us, they put down a shield because God is always here at BRW school to protect us and they put down a pillow to show that God is with us when we are sleeping. Psalms are songs in the Bible so we sang our scripture, it starts, ‘O God you search me and you know me’. At the end we prayed for help with our mission to ‘Believe in God and Believe in you’ so we said ‘this year I will…practice my reading and I will get better at my spellings’.

Liturgy Team that was a great Liturgy and it was very inspiring and it was amazing!

Savion and Maci

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