Good Friday – The Crucifixion

Hello Year 6!

I really enjoyed Miss Cotter’s mention of Maundy Thursday. I thought that it would be a poignant time to do the same for the Crucifixion.

Today is Good Friday. This was the day of Jesus’ Passion, when He carried the cross up the hill to Calvary. Here, He took on the sins of the world through His Crucifixion.

We know a lot about this already. It’s a time to reflect on this most important time in the church’s calendar.

Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross. In doing so, he saved the world from their sins and showed them the path to eternal life. The Resurrection demonstrates and celebrates this.

Here’s a video reminder of this important stage in the story. Have a look at The Stations of the Cross (click ‘Good Friday’) before you watch it.

  • Can you identify each station in the video?
  • What might the onlookers have felt at each point?
  • What prayer could you say?
  • A prayer asking for forgiveness?
  • A ‘Thank You’ prayer?

I’ve placed a song you will recognise below. You might want to sing along or sit in quiet reflection as you listen to their lyrics and remind us of the real reason for Easter. I hope it lifts you up as much as it did me!

Sending lots of Easter love and blessings to all of you and your families

See you soon,

Miss Lee 🙂

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