Greek Hummus!

I’m really enjoying our lessons about Greek food and hummus! First, we looked at traditional Greek food -we found this interesting.

Next, we learnt about the ingredients that are used to make hummus. We found out the ingredients that are used are very healthy e.g. raw onions, they are very good for you. They are high in vitamins and minerals.

After, we tried many different hummus’ e.g sweet chilli. My favourite was Lemon an Coriander or Sun dried tomato. We gave our opinions on the hummus’ on a sheet.

Then, all of the groups were handed iPads. We searched up hummus’ that we wanted to make. We found many new and unexpected flavours. Finally, all the groups chose their hummus. My group chose Salted Caramel!

In our books we each wrote down the ingredients and the method we needed for our hummus. Our group wrote down on a piece of paper the ingredients that we had to bring from home (there wasn’t much since school had most of it). We had to ensure that we were definitely going to bring the stuff from home that we needed because if not the hummus isn’t going to taste as delicious!

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