Green Fingered Lions!

Year 1 have had the privilege of having the Jubilee garden as their outside area this term. This comes with a big responsibility of looking after the vegetables growing in the planters and the plants in the garden. We noticed that many of the plants were ready to be harvested, so there was only one thing for it…. to get the trowels out and start digging!

We harvested lots of potatoes, lettuce and strawberries and made our potatoes into soup. We noticed that some fruits and vegetables weren’t ready yet, so we planted them in tubs to give them a bit longer.

In science, we have been learning about the different parts of a plant we can eat and learnt that potatoes were root vegetables. Once we had pulled one out of the ground, we realised what this meant.

The soup was so delicious and Eco friendly, as there was no waste! Some of us had 3 cups full. We learnt that it is so important to look after our school grounds and to reduce waste.

These Year 1’s are super Eco Warriors!

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  1. As an eco warrior it is really wonderful that you are helping the the jubilee garden and making healthy soup.

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