Green Flag Ready To Fly!

Huge congratulations to our Eco Superheroes, who have led the school through a Green-Flag Assessment…and PASSED!

Our new Green Flag arrived today and the Eco Team were extremely excited to open it for the first time.

We are extremely proud of our Eco Team who are working tirelessly to make sure we do all we can to look after our planet and the people in it.

Not only did we open our new Green Flag, but we also gained some new members to our Eco Team.

Here are our new Eco Members, who will be placed around the school to watch how much energy you are using.

They all have different names…Elly, Sir Edward, Evie to name just a few!

They have been introduced to school this week in preparation for Switch-off Fortnight, which starts on the 20th November.

Keep an eye out for more information from the Eco Team!


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  1. I am really happy that we still have the green flag because our school is very eco friendly. I am happy for the team who have worked hard and has made it possible in order for us to achieve this. This is great as the eco team have proved that small things make a great difference, hence doing the little things as a school will have a good impact on our world and environment.

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