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Hello, my name is Wiktoria and I would love to teach you about these interesting and smart creatures. Guinea Pigs are quite smart and can be trained to do a variety of simple tricks such as coming when called, standing on its hind legs, and spinning around. These rodents live in herds that is why it is recommended to own at least two or else it is likely that they will get depressed unless, you interact with them a lot. Guinea pigs can live up to 6 to 8 years with good care, but there are also some longer-lived ones.

What should a Guinea Pig eat?

Guinea Pigs should be provided with dry food, hay and fresh drinking water every day. In addition, proper nutrition will be provided by fruits and vegetables. The guinea pig should not be fed rabbit food. Pigs are exposed to vitamin C deficiency because, like humans, they are unable to produce it on their own. This vitamin is provided in the food of guinea pigs.


There are manybreeds of guinea pigs such as Peruvian guinea pigs(long hair),Abyssinian guinea pig(messy hair),American guinea pigs(smooth hair),skinny guinea pigs(hair-less),Teddy guinea pigs(fuzzy hair),Texel guinea pigs(curly,long hair) and many more.

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Guinea Pigs can get stressed so if you ever decide to get a Guinea Pig make sure that for the first few days it is quiet enough to not stress the piggy. When moving the pig into its new cage you should put something that has their smell on to make them feel safe(for example hay)

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Skinny Pigs are rare but they require a higher level of attention from the owner to stay healthy. Sometimes you need to use a tiny bit of natural moisturizer, like coconut oil, on it, but never use any lotions designed for humans.

Guinea Pigs have 258 bones!That is 52 more bones than a fully grown human! So small yet so many bones…

This is my Guinea Pig with her favourite (huge) dog plushie.


  1. This was so helpful! Now I know what to do if I get a guinea pig. What is your favourite fact about guinea pigs?

  2. Really good information since I have a pet rat and guinea pigs act the same as rats. Really ingesting and knowing rats have a lot in common with my pets , except we can use human shampoos and conditioners on rats unlike guinea pigs, great information as well!!

  3. Honestly, i absolutely loved reading about guinea pigs. I now know about the different breeds of Guinea pigs, that they eat dry food/hay/drinking water(that needs renewing everyday) and that they can get stressed. My questions are.. How was it looking after Guinea Pigs at first? Was it really easy or was it challenging? How did you learn all of the great ways to care for them?

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