1. In a over grown part of the garden which was mostly dead grass, hidden by over grown shrubs,stood a beast of a very old and worn out house. The house looked like it belonged to deadly creature as it had no feeling of warmth there.

  2. Mist and fog surrounded the daunting area, spooky human-like trees reach up to the pitch-black sky. Pieces of rubbish, paper, cans and bottles are littered around the muddy dead garden of grass. All the flowers and plants have already rotted and the colour of the flowers had transformed into a disgusting, mouldy brown.

  3. Behind the haunted castle there was a spooky evil and controlled devil with a evil smile on it’s red boiling hot fears face. it is fearful in looking

  4. The wind blew heavily, the branches falling down onto the window broken that are dirty. Behind the haunted mansion the long knee grass had. There was cob webs all over the building. There was only one light in the mansion. It was cloudy.

  5. The hand like trees in the misty graveyard guards the spooky house. The house lurks on the graveyard with a dark stare.

  6. In a spooky graveyard there is a house with one bright light shining on the dead and spooky tree. The sky smells smoky and misty. As I walk around the house I feel wet and hairy cobwebs as I feel my way to the door and sneak inside the cold, dark, haunted house.

  7. One dark eerie night there was a house that had rusty old gates. All the flowers were crippled and it looked almost as if it’d been under attack. The windows were thick with dust because it had been abandoned what would they do…

  8. Beyond the sweeping lawns stood and old Tudor mansion. I could see through the thick fog the house was guarded by huge stone Lions. Feeling my way through the chaos of nettles and weeds, I found myself at the foot of the mansion. There was a smell of wood burning in the air, and I could hear the wind howling through the trees.

  9. On a dark night, the sky were very dark, the trees are no longer green the leaves has fallen off it’s branches , there was an old house in the middle of the wood with one room lighted . The house looked like a hunted mansion, it was spooky.

  10. The trees stopped swaying and the wind blew. The only house what was
    there was a haunted house. The trees were rotting and they turned into stumps.

  11. In the middle of the night, in between dead creepy trees with branches resembling withered hands with claws, stood an old haunted mansion with deadly secrets inside, full of ghosts and monsters waiting for anyone who dares to enter.

  12. WOW! Year 3 your setting descriptions were amazing I’m sure Mrs Byrne had goosebumps whilst reading your work because I definitely did. I had sweat trickling down my spine.

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