Help from the Red Cross!

Year 6 have had numerous visitors already this term.

We were recently visited by the British Red Cross to recall and learn new skills about saving lives in an emergency, as well as understand a bit more about the kind of work this charity does for refugees.

Take a look at some of our important learning:


  1. I think that the lessons were really useful and now I feel confident to help someone in need of first aid.

  2. This was a fun yet useful and helpful session. Us Year 6s already learned CPR at the start of the year but this was an easier method because it did not require many steps. We also did replays of what other scenarios could possibly happen.

  3. I really enjoyed our sessions with the Red Cross, they taught us so much and I learnt many new things.

  4. Learning all of these life skills could really help us in the future just in case we end up in a situation like this we will know what to do when the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Also Rhian made all of these really fun to learn. Thank you Rhian!

  5. These lessons from the Red Cross were about very important life skills, they gave us a deeper understanding of different subjects and learning them could help save lives.

  6. I really enjoyed having the British Red Cross come into school because now if I ever need to help someone in an emergency and the Ambulance isn’t there yet then I could give them CPR if they aren’t breathing or slow down an open would if it was bleeding or stop someone from choking all of which I couldn’t do if the British Red Cross hadn’t come in!

  7. We have learnt about life saving skills and the subject of refugees with the British red cross. I found it really interesting and recommend it to everyone.

  8. This was a very helpful lesson and taught us what to do in an emergency or when u might of felt a little but unsafe in an emergency.

  9. I really enjoyed having the red cross in because now I feel more confident about how to help others when they are in trouble!

  10. This lesson taught me a lot in the past months and I couldn’t have become more confident to help people in need I would do anything to help someone. In this lesson it has taught me what to do if someone was in need, injured, had a concussion or something that was wrong with them. It has built my confidence up more and more with helping people, this might have been predicting on my future thanks all to the Red Cross! Hopefully they comeback soon to teach me more!

  11. This was a fun and useful experience! Thank you so much for letting us try ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to help people in a situation like this. WE NEVER ignore a call for help!

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