Historical Enquiry With Help From A Real Archaeologist!

A very exciting case arrived outside BRW for Year 5 this week, with a special letter attached to it (see below).

The note explained that an archeologist had left the artefacts for Year 5 to investigate and examine! Our archeologist (Mr Vyse) is hoping Year 5 can work out who the artefacts belonged to (thousands of years ago) in Ancient Greece.

We started our enquiry this morning by simply looking, feeling and even smelling the artefacts to try and put together some ideas.

Year 5 will be writing up their ideas as a discussion text and we will be letting Mr Vyse know our suggestions -via email- very soon!

Year 5, who do you think the artefacts belonged to after our initial examination? Why do you think this?

What do the artefacts tell us about Ancient Greece?



  1. Wow year 5! What an interesting history lesson! What did you find out about these Ancient Greek artifacts.

  2. This was a really exciting lesson that all of Year 5 enjoyed. It was really fun when we got the time to talk in groups to discuss which ancient groovy Greek owned the artefacts. I am looking forward to make our own Greek pots in class and learning more about them.

  3. This was a very interesting task! We discussed as a class and shared our ideas as what we thought the artefacts were and who they may have belonged to. I think it would be great to speak to Mr Vyse in person and hear all his interesting stories of all the excavations he has done as an archaeologist.

  4. This was a very fun activity. We tried to find out who the artefacts belonged to and we all had thoughtful ideas.Then we came to a conclusion that the artefacts might have belonged to several different people.

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