History in the Making

I’ve just seen Mrs Cook’s post about this year being a memorable year. I too have been thinking about this a lot and how we are all living in this historic moment. Diaries are a great way of remembering these moments and maybe even possibly sharing with future generations. Think about past events we have learned more about from one person’s viewpoint through diaries, e.g. Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London, also Anne Frank and World War 2.

It can also be useful for keeping notes, allowing creativity and a feeling of organisation…at a time when we are all feeling quite unsettled. Sometimes it can help us to solve problems! By jotting down our thoughts we can access the part of the brain called the subconscious. It can also free up mental energy – the things you’re worrying about so you can focus on other things!

Getting Started

Have you already got a diary? Spare notebook? (You could use the green book in your Home Learning pack) Write the date you begin and then anything you want to really. You could include things you’ve heard on the news (are you watching Newround?) and how you feel about everything.  Perhaps you’re missing friends and family. Maybe you want to draw a picture about how you feel.

Treat your diary like a friend. These are difficult times for everyone, so reflect upon what we have to be thankful for, focus on the good things and don’t bottle things up. Talk to your adults, ask questions on the blog and keep a diary.


  1. That’s good to know Hayley. It’s interesting to think what we will learn from this moment in time.

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