Home-Learning Heroes in Year 2!

Here is a blog-post to celebrate all the wonderful things you have been doing at home!

Thank you so much for the photos you sent in last week. I have been so impressed with how hard you are working at home.

Thank you to the adults at home who are helping you to send your work in. I know it takes time so I am very appreciative of your efforts.

Let’s have a look at all your hard work that needs to be celebrated…

Firstly, we have Amelia baking a delicious cake. Lots of skills are needed for baking. We need to use our Maths measuring skills in order to use the right amount of ingredients.

Next, have a read of Amelia’s instructions. She has used lots of imperative verbs and her instructions are very clear to the reader. They made me chuckle too!

Below, you will also find a brilliant newspaper report from Poppy! She has included direct quotes from the farmers using inverted commas.

Rhian is proud of her English work. She read the chapter of Fantastic Mr Fox then researched the words she thought were tricky. A super effort.

Finally, you will Alexander’s descriptive writing. He has used exclamation sentences to show Mr Fox’s excitement. Excellent work Alexander!

Keep up the hard work Year 2! As always, I am so so proud of you and I miss you very much.

Here is some final inspiration for this week. This is Amelia being a table-tennis champion! You could try something like this at home and have a competition with your family. 🙂 Good luck! Have a wonderful week.

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