Home-Learning Heroes in Year 2!

Here is a blog-post to celebrate all the wonderful things you have been doing at home!

Thank you so much for the photos you sent in last week. I have been so impressed with how hard you are working at home.

Thank you to the adults at home who are helping you to send your work in. I know it takes time so I am very appreciative of your efforts.

Let’s have a look at all your hard work that needs to be celebrated…

Firstly, let’s start with Filip, who has written and performed a wonderful newspaper report about Fantastic Mr Fox.

Next, we take a look at David’s hard work. He has challenged himself to try multiplying fractions and he has written a wonderful set of instructions for Mr Fox.

Look at this beautiful picture of Poppy – it certainly made me smile to see her happy face!

Look at Leon’s fabulous writing about Fantastic Mr Fox and his super-cool photo in his sunglasses!

Finally, here is a video of an exciting experiment that Filip tried. His video proves that when you mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together, a new gas is made (carbon dioxide). This gas then fills up the balloon. Watch the video below!

Super work Year 2!

Keep working hard and being helpful at home. I am so proud of you 🙂

Miss Cotter

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