How to become a good Footballer!

This week’s expert blog from year 6 has been created by Jacob!


Firstly, you need to learn how to dribble with the ball. To get good at this I would recommend keeping the ball at your feet and jog in a straight line for around 20mins a day. After you have mastered this you need to practise dribbling in and out of trees or cons for 20mins a day. This is a big part of Football.


Secondly, you need to learn how to shoot. Scoring a goal is one step closer to winning your team the game, so this is very important. When you shoot the ball don’t use your the front of your boot because it would hurt, instead practise shooting the ball with the laces into an open space or if you have a goal use that. I would recommend doing this drill for around 15mins a day.


Thirdly, you will need to become a team player by passing the ball to your teammates. To get this mastered you will need a item to be in place of the player you are passing to. Next you will need to use the inside of your boot to softly pass the ball to the item so you can hit it over. I would recommend starting at a short range and then start widening the gape as you get better at hitting the item. I would recommend doing this 25mins a day.


Lastly, you will need to learn how to tackle other players. This skill requires bravery and commitment. Tackling can come in all types like sliding and standing tackles. To do this you will need to have someone be the attacker and you will have to be the defender. You can do tackling by putting your foot strong against the ball. In the challenge you will have to be strong. Practise this around 10mins a day.


  1. I tried these instructions and felt that I improved and made me more fit. I would recommend doing these steps because they helped me with a sport that I would like to do all my life.

  2. This was a so helpful thank you for the intel I can now use this in a game. I can now train at home and become so much better.

  3. Thanks Jacob. I’m not the best at football but I’ve found that these set of instructions have helped me improve massively.

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