How To Play Roblox On Laptop


Firstly, to go forward you press the ‘w’ key and hold it down to walk forward as long as you hold it and you will stop when you let go. Secondly, to move backwards you press the ‘s’ key and you will turn around and move the opposite way. Thirdly, to move left you press the ‘a’ key and you will move left and to move right you press the ‘d’ key and you move right. Lastly to sprint you press the ‘shift’ key.


To look around you hold the left button on the mouse. To interact with something you click the right mouse button. To zoom in and out you spin the scroller on the mouse. Also you can use the ‘i’ key to zoom in and the ‘o’ key to zoom out.


To type in the chat you move your cursor to the message symbol next to the Roblox symbol in the top left corner. You click that then it will show the messages people are sending and the conversations people are having. To private chat you click the person’s name you want to private chat with and their name will appear on the box where you type your messages and you type what you are going to say to them. Be sure to only ‘chat’ with friends you know in person, and get adult permission to do so :-).


To find games you want to play and you click on it. It will come up with a green bar with a play sign, you click it and it will load you into a game. To join friends you go into the friends’ section and type your friend’s name and click add friend, this will send them a friend request where you can accept or decline in this section too. But remember to get adult permission to do this so that you remain safe. Stick to friends you know in person, rather than strangers.

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