If you went down to the woods yesterday….

You would have found lots of very happy children! We loved getting back to Forest School, exploring with friends, using all our senses to find out about the world around us. Just look at these wonderful photographs to see the children playing together, helping each other spot features of the wood, sharing a snack and just loving being outdoors.


  1. I love Glapton Woods. I remember going to forest school and doing lots of different fun activities like building our own den and collecting lots of different things.

    • I am so pleased to hear about your treasured memories Ciona, I share the same lovely memories. I hope you get to go back to the Woods soon.

  2. Glapton Woods is so fun. I can remember when we all used to love roling down the big hill. I can also remember looking for sticks and other forest things.

    • Great memories Lenny – all of you enjoyed rolling down the hill and I seem to remember that I joined in a few times too!

  3. Wow FS, these pictures show that you have had a lot of fun in the woods. I remember going to forest school: we made dens, searched for The Gruffalo, and more! We always had hot chocolate and swung over the mud pit! It was always great fun.

    • Wow! I’d forgotten about that swing over the mud pit – that was fun – wish it was still there. We still have hot chocolate (or blackcurrant squash on warm days). We also still look out for the Gruffalo – even though ‘There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo’!!!

  4. Glapton looks like so much fun. This brought so many memories in year 4 and I think the best part was the games.

  5. I know, it’s really fun. I remember when we could make dens and I remember when we found a scroll in the forest.

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