In the words of Brucie, “Didn’t they do well?”

Well done to the Year 6s, who showed passion, excitement, enjoyment, attitude and most importantly, a deep understanding of Henry VIII’s reign throughout their class assembly performance this week!

We were treated to a Generation Game trial, which saw stained glass window making, poetry creation and a Times Table Rock Star Competition.

Alongside this, the audience learnt a about Henry’s Dissolution of Monasteries, his six wives, and Year 6s determination to make their last year at BRW one that counts. In their own words, NO REGRETS!

What did you think pupils and parents of BRW? Which parts were your favourite parts?


  1. This was an assembly to be proud of : I really enjoyed my role of Heavy Nicholls( The times tables rock star) and I thought everyone did AMAZING!!!!😜🎭🎸😝😎

  2. I remember when we did the assembly! At first I was extremely nervous but I gradually became a lot more confidant in front of the audience. It was so fun to perform and the hard work did pay of a whole lot. This was one day that I will always and always remember for the rest of my life.

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