International Evening

We ended the Autumn term with International Evening…and what an evening it was!  This year’s celebration was incredible! Everyone came together to celebrate the many diverse, rich cultures that make up the BRW school community. The atmosphere was wonderful and we were treated to so many varied, delicious dishes from all over the globe. There was something for everyone to enjoy. Each nationality represented gave a presentation about their country and culture, it was truly lovely to share all of our backgrounds with our school community. A HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful parents, children and staff for their amazing efforts and generosity. This was truly a night to remember!


  1. Wonderful occasion to gather together and celebrate. It was a great evening. I enjoyed preparing the video presentation with year 6. It was fun.

  2. It was truly wonderful because there was lots of food all around the world and got to know about the other countries and we all celebrated it with everyone that evening.

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