Invasion Games!

Year 5 continued to develop their skills in preparation for invasion games.

We learned how to control our dribbling and the perfect position for shooting. Watch this space for how we got on during a game!

Year 5, what is an effective way of controlling the ball in tight spaces?



  1. This looks like a very exciting lesson, it looks like you all enjoyed this. We have also practiced this and it was very enjoyable.

  2. Wow Y5 that’s amazing. I bet you might even get into the School Basketball Team.Always try your hardest. You are doing great. Go Y5!

  3. It looks like you all had fun practising for the invasion games. My tip for controlling the ball in tight spaces would be to keep low but not too low and bounce the ball at hip height. Good luck at the invasion games.

  4. This looks like all of you enjoyed practising invasion games, because was definitely enjoyable for year 6 when we played it we learnt new skills, how to be a good player and also to be good in sportsmanship to. Hopefully you have learnt that to. Well done year 5 good work and effort.

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