This term, year 6 have been doing invasion games with Gordon. These are games where you have to ‘invade’ the opposing teams part of the pitch / court, for example, Tag Rugby.

In invasion games we have been doing a range of different games with balls and bean bags. By doing this, we learnt a lot of different tactics to play and to defend.

There was this one particular game I personally liked the most with what we had to do. We had to throw a ball to each other and when we hear “Stop”, the person with the ball has to run to a safe zone, away from their friends who are chasing them!

What other invasion sports so you know? Do you play any?

If you like team work and defending, you should definitely try a range of invasion games!! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!




  1. It was really fun learning invasion games with Gordon and I hope that I will be able to do them again in the year.

  2. I like invasion games because they really show your athletic skills and I really like athletics so it shows all my energy in it just yeah it’s just like you so all your energy it’s just fun

  3. Invasion games are really exciting because it is a competitive type of game which requires defending and different methods. These games are good for keeping active.

  4. Harley’s it’s amazing to see your passion for invasion games.Keepit up!maybe with all your knowledge you may be become professional.Cant wait to see what you do with this new found passion!

  5. I loved these activities because it helps with our flexibility and with our strength which can help us with sport competion

  6. this was a really fun game. I really liked that we got the opportunity to work together as a team and even go against others! This also helped us because it showed us how to be aware of people around us and how to protect things without people getting them. Thank you to Gordan for teaching us this game!

  7. I enjoyed the invasion games in PE this term because it showed and taught us that we have to work together as a team. We learnt this because in one of our games, one person would protect their cones and the other one would invade someone else’s cones! This game taught us how to work together by communicating and agreeing on things!

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