Jesus’ Baptism Parts 2 and 3

Good evening Year 6! Here’s your Wednesday 13th homework, due on Friday 15th!

Watch the following videos. They are about Jesus’ baptism.

As you watch, imagine what it must have been like to be an onlooker, seeing this sight that would be written down and remembered for millennia!

TASK: Each day this week, you are going to write a paragraph that describes and shows an understanding of what it must have been like to see such a sight. You will do this in role as Andrew, a fisherman, who witnessed Jesus’ baptism and became one of His disciples shortly after. Your paragraphs will form a letter recount to a friend that tells them about your incredible experience.


Today, you’re going to write the second and third paragraphs in role as Andrew. Remember!  A paragraph is at least six sentences. Use the mini-writing frame and word bank below as a guide, and write your paragraph in a comment box. REMEMBER TO EDIT IT BEFORE YOU POST IT…why not get a family member to check it over?



If you have problems, simply handwrite it! And these pictures might inspire you even more…


  1. As, I saw Jesus I noticed that He was being baptised. It smelt like Oil as it was used to make him a member of God’s family. Jesus was gathered by shepherds and others. I could hear l everyone talking about how special of a moment this was to them as they could actually see Jesus

  2. I could taste the love of the Holy Spirit, when the baptism had finished everyone was cheering because Jesus was officially head of God’s family. I felt the love beating down on us and I could hear everyone talking about God and his disciples. I could also see that all of us were really pumped up to see him!

  3. Jesus’ Baptism part 2
    On one momentous, life-changing day all of the trees blossomed with life, all of the flowers and spices in the world had been blended into one to create an essence of amazing smells. A warm spiritual atmosphere surrounded Jesus and John. Soothing sounds of lapping water and birds chirping filled the land.

  4. When I saw Jesus I realised that he was getting baptised, oil smothered the air as it was used to make him part of God’s community. We were gathered by Shepard’s and Mary, I cold hear everyone talking about how they actually saw Jesus and what a special moment it was see it for myself.

  5. After John baptised everyone Jesus appeared and wanted john to baptise him. When Jesus got baptised John heard the the almighty God. They looked like they loved each offer and they did so they hugged by showing that love, a huge curtain of shimmering silver shon upon the lamb of God as the doves came past he put his hands to show that he worships God and that he cares about people’s life. Jesus went back to God his father.

  6. Paragraph 2-It was like a warm crisp atmosphere that I could feel in the air. I could smell flowers and spices fill my nose. John the Baptist was there and he baptised Jesus. I could hear birds chirping and trees waving their branches. I could hear the sound of lapping water and a symphony of a joyous birdsong. There was a warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding olive trees.

  7. Around me was a lush area of green grass and tall trees within a small field of cut grass, around me it smelled like all the scents and spices of the woods had been blended together and tossed in different directions. Around me was a small crowd of strangers with joyful smiles stretched across their faces, in the lake was an amazing sight of John the Baptist blessing Jesus: the one sent down to save us all from our sins! Over my head I could hear birds singing and leaves dancing among the maze of clouds and sky. Jesus had been blessed as a white, beutiful, bright dove had flown upon his shoulder. I could just about sense the light on my face at that stage, around me the wind rushed past my face like a sign of joy.

  8. After the moment Jesus was Baptised a tender and Holy voice from the sky, it was God. A bright light shone upon the Holy dove announcing its presence to the citizens of God. The dove had soft, white feathers which glowed in the golden sunlight like stars in the black sky brightening up the night. It flew like a steady river, gliding like raindrops and flapping like waves, the light and voice slowly drifted away leaving nothing but joy to the crowd, but before leaving the voice said: this is my beloved son whom I am well pleased. His voice was spoken with love and pride, like an angel from heaven.

  9. The mesmerising sun shone upon Jesus, I could smell the flowers blooming, and the spices of the world had been blended together. The whole town was watching this because it was a once in a life time experience, so the message had been heard by the whole town in less than five minutes. I could here millions of voices around me, the voices made everything feel more intense.

    The Holy Spirit was above Jesus, it was a shocking moment a dove appeared, and the sun shined directly on Jesus. A deep unheard voice was spoken and said, “This is my beloved sun, he knew I am well pleased” everyone was left confused. After, leaving everyone confused the dove (Holy Spirit ) dissolved into the sky. This was a voice that no one had heard, it has an odd eco to it and it was amazingly deep. Was this our savour?

  10. Paragraph 3
    As Jesus was taken from the river by John the baptist, his clothes hung on him like rags from a scarecrow. As i looked around light stroked the hedges and glittered on the dew-soaked leaves. In awe I looked at John and Jesus and decided i wanted to be like him and to be a disciple. The sun broke through the clouds like a huge curtain of shimmering silver. A voice from heaven addressed the crowd and said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. As casually as a butterfly lands on a leaf or a swan swims on water, John baptised Jesus.

  11. The area was beautiful and Jesus and his cousin John stood in a river with the beaming sun reflecting directly on the river. The surrounding area smelt of fresh grass and all the flowers in the world blended together. The rest of the community had gathered for this once in a life time experience. I believe that everyone had gathered for this because they feel that it is important to see our saviour being blessed, however Jesus is already blessed in our thoughts. I could hear murmurs of praise and joy. And people worshiping his holy name. The atmosphere was holy and i felt all praise come towards me.

    The thing that happened next was that a dove flew by. I then figured out it was the holy spirit. It was snow white with feathers as light as air. It flew through the sky gracefully with its beautiful wings. The spirit flew above Jesus an went back up into the sky after it said “This is my beloved son”. This was spoken slowly but it was deep. This made me think that God was speaking these words.

  12. Soon I saw some feet approaching the Gordon River. “It is Jesus!” exclaimed John. While breathing in cold, fresh air, Jesus gently placed his feet in the dirty river and slowly approached John. I was astonished. Suddenly Jesus asked John “Will you baptise me?” Everyone was confused. Why is Jesus asking John to baptise him?

  13. Soon I saw some feet approaching the Gordon River. “It is Jesus!” exclaimed John. While breathing in cold, fresh air, Jesus gently placed his feet in the dirty river and slowly approached John. I was astonished. Suddenly Jesus asked John “Will you baptise me?” Everyone was confused. Why is Jesus asking John to baptise him?

  14. Dear friend,

    I am writing to you again because that was only the start of what I had in mind to tell you, it all starts now! The warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding of olive trees it was amazing the sky sky’s were cloudy but now they were parted there was a bright light shining wherever Jesus went. I don’t know how to explain it but I can say that there was a warm, spiritual atmosphere when I was near Jesus. I could smell all the flowers and spices of the world had been blended together and tossed in the air. Me and loads of other people were there because we were all going to get baptised at the river Jordan by John the Baptist. I could hear the crowd full of soft, murmuring sounds when Jesus got baptised, and when God spoke to all those people, I could here another sound while Jesus was getting baptised, a sound of lapping water and a symphony of joyous birdsongs were heard everywhere. It was like all our hearts were full of hope it was the most wonderful feeling I ever had!

    After all of this, Jesus got baptised and then he heard a voice no one was there but the clouds parted and a white dove came out of the sky it was in the form of God, whilst that was happening light stroked the hedges and glittered on the dew-stroked leaves. It looked like something that has been lost away from ages (which is hope and believe) has now returned, God was lost in all these people and now has come back. It flew across onto Jesus’ shoulder then went when everything was over, we all knew that it went to where it came from, the spirit of God transformed back into God. What God said was that, ‘This is my Son that I am very proud of!’ It was spoken in a very deep voice but it was said very clearly.

  15. 1) A warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding olive trees as John the Baptist continued his vocation and duty towards God. A warm, spiritual atmosphere spread around the river Jordan due to the fact that God is welcoming many of his creations so his eternal family. As the baptismal promises were made by John, the birds of God sang their songs praise to God showing their dedication to worshiping him. You could feel the presence of God slipping through your fingers; also you could almost taste the holiness soothing within God’s loyal followers.

    2) Suddenly a man stumbled out from nowhere and made his way to the water bank; “Hello Jesus is that you.” John spoke. “I want to be baptised among thee to be closer to my father” said Jesus with confidence and knowledge of what he is about to do. As he did with the other members of God’s family John blessed Jesus and dunked his head in the river Jordan, this people say symbolised his previous life being washed away.

  16. 2) The environment around me was a warm spiritual atmosphere. You could see John the Baptise make the people part of Gods family. The lush, green grass swayed like the waves that danced in the wind. The leaves that fell of the trees glided onto the river and created a pattern around John. As the wind started to blow, the trees, vibrant flowers and plants blended together to create an aroma that no one could resist. A of crowd people that are soon to be Gods citizens watched in awe as their eyes started to fill with faith, in the lake there was a perfect sight of John baptising a person. Each person who came out the river had a smile on their face, to me it was that there sins were washed away and the thing that was left was happiness. I could hear the hums and chirps the birds made and that made the environment feel a lot more peaceful. Unexpectedly, everyone turned their heads behind them. In the distance, I could see a man wearing white and every step he took the crowd would create a path for him. I then realised that it was Jesus: he is the one who was sent by God to save us all!
    3) As Jesus our saviour stepped into the river Jordan, he asked John to baptise him! I thought that it was supposed to be Jesus that baptised us. As Jesus was baptised, a graceful, pure dove sent by God gently landed on his shoulder, it was a miracle! A bright light appeared from the heavens, it shimmered along the azure river and it twinkled like a thousand stars in the night sky. A powerful and holy voice appeared from the sky, it was God calling to us people. Now we all knew that John’s Good News was true. God’s voice claimed, “This is my son whom I am very proud of.” As the voice drifted away nothing was left but joy and faith.

  17. Jesus’ Baptism part 3
    Without warning time stopped a strange light appeared from beyond the clouds, i realised it was God. A golden beam of light smothered the land spreading endlessly with no end. Out of the blue, a voice spoke, “This is my beloved son” After, it disappeared without a trace of what is was or where it came from.

  18. On one momentous, life-changing day the atmosphere was like no other. Trees danced with the air and the water was calmer than ever before. I could smell a warm perfume of honeysuckle that clung to the surrounding olive trees. The prophet John was there leading the celebration and was being spectated by a congregation who were watching on to experience this unique celebration. I could hear excitement flowing through the congregation waiting for the sacrament to begin. The overall atmosphere was like no other, elation enveloped everyone and peacefulness smothered the land.

    Without warning, time stopped. Emerging out of nowhere came a man who was called Jesus. He had long hair and a beard. He was clothed in a rich tunic which was grey. He calmly manoeuvred into the lake directly in front of John. In a peaceful voice John said, “I baptise thee, having had authority from the almighty God, as a testimony that you have entered into a covenant to serve him.” At this point John put Jesus underwater and He was now baptised.

  19. on one momentous life-changing day,the atmosphere was like no other,the trees were swaying,and the birds were tweeting :the water was in perfect harmony with its surrounding area.The perfume of the honeysuckle clung to the Olive trees.The Prophet John was there, and he was leading the holy order of God[Baptism].The congregation gathered in what seemed to waiting of the arrival of our god.I could hear the arising birds giving signs of hope that the messiah will come soon.This vault of heaven was electric;knowing that the messiah was coming soon was like hearing the good news of god once again.A blanket of joy enveloped the land;this showed the surrounding citizens to listen to God’s words.

    Without warning time stopped,emerging out of the pure kindness from one of our fellow neighbours. His hair was enlarged,his beard calmly swished with the wind as one-was this the one we have waited for?He glided through the public gently and asked for John to baptise him.Then John tried to stop him,knowing that he was the messiah John said, “Why do you come to me to be baptized? I should be baptized by you!”.Jesus was his name. Jesus with a kind heart replied, “Let it be this way for now. We should do all things that are right.” So John agreed to baptise The messiah.

  20. John said to Jesus “You are supposed to baptise me.” Jesus said, “God has planned this to happen, you will baptise me and help me to get closer to God.” So John did what Jesus asked him to do and baptised Jesus. John repeated the steps of baptism and rapidly ducked Jesus’ head under water symbolising washing away his sins.

  21. Dear reader, I am still telling the story of Jesus baptism
    Let me begin, As Jesus head came up a dove flew past Jesus and then came the voice of the almighty God. Saying this is my beloved son who I am whom pleased. As he said those words I could feel the warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding of olive trees I could see the people eyes full of faith even. From a distance.

  22. I felt blessed and loved to see Jesus and hear his voice. I didn’t believe that I had witnessed him I would become one of his disciples. I said to myself, “ This day couldn’t get any better!” I felt good to be teaching Gods followers more about him, I wanted to be a role model so people could be a role model with me. I told other people that the Lord is waiting for them to be disciple of him. When John had said to Jesus, “ I am the one that needs you to baptise me!” I was confused but after Jesus had been baptised by John, a beautiful white dove came, but suddenly the clouds went grey and parted. A blinding light shined and that is when we knew it was God, he said “ You are my beloved son with whom I am well pleased ” I got the calling by God and knew it was time to be one of Jesus’ disciples.

  23. I could feel the love in the air, Jesus our saviour has been baptised and was finally the head of Gods family. The whole community was cheering with excitement and Jesus was being praised with love and happiness. We knew from the moment he was baptised he would be our saviour.

  24. I was now a disciple of Jesus (one of the first) after the baptism we remained by the River Jordan. There was a warm spiritual atmosphere and I enjoyed precious moments with him. I felt this was a life changing day. Later that day I met my brother Simon Peter, who was fishing in the Sea of Galilee. I told him how Jesus had told me to spread the word of the Lord and to follow him. Simon Peter also became a disciple of Jesus, he said to us ‘ Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’. This happening was to be one of the most momentous occasions of me and my brother’s lives!

  25. He told Jesus he was not worthy to baptise thy. Jesus explained that God, the father, sent him to be baptised. Suddenly, the clouds parted in the sky and a glistening beam of light appeared. A deep voice came down (like a white dove) and announced, “This is my son I love Him and I am proud of him, listen to what he says.” Everybody was speechless about what they just experienced.

    Without a warning, time stopped my mind was still processing what I just witnessed so was everybody else around me. As my mind completed the prosses Jesus was exiting the lake for the next person to be baptised. I want to be a loyal follower and be like the lamb of God , our savior. He is the son of God: He is the messiah.As I watched him walk further and further He slowly disappeared into thin air.

    From Andrew.

  26. Beside the Jordan river watching John the Baptist do his work we watched him wash the sins of the plenty. I could smell the warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding olive trees which was just a memorising moment. I was surrounded by many of the locals. It was a warm, spiritual atmosphere which filled the hearts of many. Everybody’s hearts were filled with hope as listened to the sound of lapping water and a symphony of joyous birdsong. I could smell the flowers and spices of the world as if they were blended and tossed in the air.

    All of a sudden John the Baptist froze the atmosphere was swarmed by silence. John couldn’t be live his eyes as he was overwhelmed by what he saw. A man was walking down towards the river. It was him, the one John preached about. John pointed and shouted “ look he’s here, the lamb of god he is going to take away the sins of the whole world.” A hush fell over the crowd. Everyone watched in anticipation as something spectacular happened. Jesus the lam of God walked right in to the dirty Jordan river and walked up to John and said” Would you baptise me to?” John couldn’t believe what he was hearing Jesus is the rescuer he thought why is he asking me to Baptise him should it not be the other way round? He said to Jesus “I’m nothing special you should be baptising me”. Then he ducked Jesus underwater. Suddenly a light from the sky shon down on Jesus and a voice from the sky shouted “ This is my son I love him and I am proud of him listen to what he says”. I and the crowd sore this happen and listened to God. They new it was true and it showed Jesus was the one to save the world.

  27. Part 2
    As the other spectators around me looked at each other in anticipation as if they new something amazing and historical was about to happen. People gathered and spoke words of joy and excitement, however others were silent and were just taking this breath-taking moment in. The sun was shining bright and there was a light wind in the air which was bring sense from the Olive trees surrounding us. The atmosphere was warm and the crowd grew and the gathering became something very special. I could hear the water trickling and the leaves swaying in the trees, there were birds flying high and low in the sky.

    Part 3
    Jesus and John spoke some words and then John raised his hand and spoke to God. He then submerged Jesus into the calm, still water. The sun shone bright on this blessed day as Jesus emerged from the water. Jesus looked at John with a pureness in his eyes as if he had just started a new life. He left the water with peace and calmness.

  28. As the warm perfume of honeysuckle clung to the surrounding olive trees, there was excitement in the air for many looked forward to becoming a member of God’s family. Tall ,majestic trees stood proud in front of me as eyes full of faith gazed hopefully at John the Baptist who was baptizing someone in the river Jordan.hundreds of people gathered round him to see him baptize others and to be baptized.As baptismal promises were made by John, the sweet symphony of birds appeared whilst whispers of the inspired people echoed in my ears and sounds of water splashing filled the air.The atmosphere was calm and spiritual with gentle sounds as a beautiful horizon began to appear whilst a feeling of joy flooded my mind.

  29. As I saw Jesus getting baptised by John, the atmosphere started to get heavenly. It felt like all the flowers and spices were blended together and thrown into the air, I saw all the people gazing in awe with faith in their eyes. I heard everyone murmuring about this special event and how they feel blessed for being in Jesus’ presence. I could even hear the bird’s joyous singing, signalling that the Messiah is here.

    Without warning time stopped, then a curtain of shimmering light shone upon him. The light was so bright yet me and the congregation were still looking. A dove fluttered onto the riverside. A mighty voice came down from heaven and answered “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” I received his message and I definitely knew that this man who has been baptised will save us.

  30. In the distance a mysterious figure appeared. It was Jesus ! Enexpectedly he stepped into the water of the Jordan river and asked John to baptize Him . John proclaimed that he was unworthy to baptize the so of God however Jesus replied ‘this is what God wants me to do .’.As Jesus submerged into the water ,a rush of joy took control of my body.when Jesus rose from the water the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight shone down upon him as the Holy Spirit of God came down as a white dove. Suddenly a voice boomed from above I couldn’t believe my eyes !The voice said ‘This is my son I love him and I am proud of him listen to what he says.’.

  31. Without knowing a blanket of shimmering silver shon upon Jesus, the dove went past the holy man to represent that He was special and that He was the sun of God. And I was amazed when He stepped in the river Jordan because it was brown and that means it’s dirty and I didn’t expect it to happen.

  32. I saw a figure it was a mystery. There were thousands of trees but only one with a beautiful smell.There were people who had came to see him,chanting his name over and over again.

    A man appeared with brown long hair.Ge wore a white robe.He walked like an angel.Suddenly he vanished whispering began.The people wondered what his name was. They all were confused.

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