Jesus’ Baptism – The Last Few Parts

Hello Year 6! Here’s your Friday 15th homework, due on Tuesday 19th!

Watch the following videos. They are about Jesus’ baptism.

As you watch, imagine what it must have been like to be an onlooker, seeing this sight that would be written down and remembered for millennia!

TASK: Each day this week, you are going to write a paragraph that describes and shows an understanding of what it must have been like to see such a sight. You will do this in role as Andrew, a fisherman, who witnessed Jesus’ baptism and became one of His disciples shortly after. Your paragraphs will form one whole letter recount to a friend that tells them about your incredible experience.


Today and over the weekend, you’re going to write the fourth, fifth and final sixth paragraphs in role as Andrew. Remember!  A paragraph is at least six sentences. Use the mini-writing frame and word bank below as a guide, and write your paragraph in a comment box. REMEMBER TO EDIT IT BEFORE YOU POST IT…why not get a family member to check it over?



If you have problems, simply handwrite it! And these pictures might inspire you even more…


  1. He was submerged under the water to be blessed by the Holy Spirit, when it was happening John pulled out the Holy Oil and made a sign of the cross on Jesus’ head. I could hear the John saying, “Bless Holy Jesus and make him a part of God’s family!” The onlookers were watching Him be baptised by his brother, John.

  2. I felt surprised that I could actually see our saviour because we have been waiting for him for ages to come and save us! I was so amazed that I saw him I thought of Jesus and I could sleep for five days. After, I went back to my usual job, (fishing). I realised that God will always be by your side.

    There I met John the next day and he said to me, “ were you the one at the side of the lake yesterday,” I replied,”Yes.” I was so excited of seeing him in real life. Now I saw Him I believe de that Jesus and God were both real!

  3. Jesus was baptised by he cousin John, Jesus was holdinge his breath and John had one hand on his back the other on his stomach and lightly dipped Jesus into the river. The onlookers faces were covered with excitement, joy and confusion it was an amazing sight. As Jesus stood back up, there was a dove that came down above his head a strange voice was rather deep everyone stopped what they were doing. The strange voice spoken, “This is my beloved son” I thought that this was God calling Jesus.

    I felt speechless, shocked and confused I didn’t know how to feel. I thought the dove was the Holy Spirit and the deep voice was God calling Jesus. My mind raced with possibility’s all night. As daylight dawned, the next day I was thinking about what happened I was till confused for the whole day I was wondering were Jesus was? was that God ? what was the dove doing? was this a sign? did this mean anything?

    In my mind I was having continues replays of yesterday I still needed answers to my questions. I didn’t even have time to react it was unexpected and happened so quick, the next day everyone wanted to be baptised and then Jesus came walking and John spoke these words, “He is our saviour he will take away the sins of the world”. This answered some of my question but I was still confused, I don’t know what to believe but I think it was a sign from the Holy Spirit. This will definitely make me change the way I act because this was an amazing experience and not everyone got to see this life changing moment.

  4. As John was preaching he started to baptise people in the river. One day, as he was doing that in the Jordan River there was a man standing beside the river. When John looked up he could not believe his eyes. He pointed at him and said to the crowd,”It is him he is the that is going to take away the sins of the world!” A hush fell down to the crowd as they watched him step into the dirty, filthy water. As he walked down to John, he asked him,”Will you baptise me too?” But John did not feel worthy to baptise him because he new he was the son of God. He said,”I am nothing special, you should be baptising me.” but then Jesus said,”This is what God wants me to do.” so then that was what he did. He went all the way down to the river and brought him back up.

    Just as soon this moment had begun, I felt happy inside and the holy spirit came to me like a beautiful white dove and it landed gently on Jesus. Then everyone heard a loud BOOM! sound and they new it was the voice of God and he said,”This is my son, I love him and I am proud of him, listen to what he says.” Everyone in the crowd saw what had happened and they new what God has spoken and in there hearts the words that God said were true.

  5. Dear Friend
    Jesus was baptized the same way as the others were, John dipped the person all the way underwater and then they were baptized. Jesus the onlooker asked if John if he could baptize him because it is what God told him to do. John then baptized Jesus saying “I baptize thee having authority from the Almighty God as a testimony that you have entered into a covenant to serve him”. The clouds opened up and a bright light shone down from heaven. I could hear the sound of the waves, water and heard Gods voice. God said ‘’This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased’’.

  6. Dear Friend
    I felt like what just happened is something that I will only experience once and is unique. I think that it was exciting and a bit scary. I was in the crowd listening to Jesus and John spoke whilst I saw the light come down from heaven. I kept on preaching that Jesus was the saviour of the world.

  7. Dear Friend
    I kept thinking of how Jesus was going to free the world of its sins. John said that he believes in God and Jesus will do what he promised to God and will fulfill his testimony. My reaction was that he might need help doing what he must do. Jesus said that he needs disciples which is what God told him and one of the disciple would betray him. I felt like I didn’t know what to do but I kept on preaching about God and Jesus and about people being baptized. I responded by telling people to follow Jesus. I believed that God had planned something that would change the actions of the whole world. This shaped my life in ways that I believed and trusted in God’s plan.

  8. There I met John, he was a kind and humble man. I new he had the Holy Spirit inside of him after he baptised Jesus and when God spoke to him. And since that day everyone new that the light of the world has come to save the whole world from sin.He was the lamb of God. My life would have never been the same without him. The words that John was preaching were true!

  9. 4) As He was sinking everybody (including Him) was holding their breath, waiting for Him to be baptised as he broke the surface on the river it was like millions of sparkles like diamonds busted out onto then lake making it dance and shimmer in glorious beauty. Just after that, the sun was rising like the mouth of an enormous blazing tunnel that alighted upon Him. In calm and as smooth as silk: a voice that inspired trust said: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”
    5) As this was spoken something new, that was special and earth-shattering had started. My mind was rising with this possibility all night. Then I went back home and went to sleep as daylight dawned the following morning and golden hues of the sun blanketed the sky I went to find Him.
    6) As I was looking for Jesus monotonously the relay of the events from the day before kept on flashing back. When I got to John, he told that God’s promise (the saviour) was his cousin. While I heard this I wanted to find Him, Jesus. Afterwards, I found Him He spoke like a moth to a flame immediately I stood up and began to follow this fellow. I felt like my life was changing and I responded kindly, graciously and soothingly to follow Him. Now I believe in God and my life would never be the same.

  10. Jesus was baptised by getting his hole being put in side the dirty water with prayer. Me and everyone looked astonished because of how a holy man got baptised, our breathing was loud like a leaf blower and our hearts where pounding in a dance of relief. Millions of sparkles like diamonds burst out onto the lake, making it dance and shimmer in glorious beauty. There was a sound and it said this is my beloved son in who I’ am well pleased I was shock when I heard this sound I was amazed.

  11. He was like drowning under the water being blessed by the Holy Spirit. Then John held out the Holy Oil and and made the sign of the cross on Jesus’ forehead. From a distance I could hear him saying, “Bless Holy Jesus and make him a part of God’s family!” The onlookers were watching Him be baptised by his brother, John.

    I felt shocked and surprised as I could see Jesus Christ as we have been waiting for his arrival to come and help us. I couldn’t stop thinking about him after for a few days. But after I went back to fishing and I realised that God will always be by my side.

    Then John approached me the next day and he said to me, “Did you see Jesus’ baptism yesterday at the side of the river?” I replied with “Yes”. I was exited because they recognised me! Now I realised that God and Jesus are always looking after you and are always there for you.

  12. Jesus was Baptised by being dipped into the lake and taken out, the onlookers cheered and smiled after Jesus was baptised. Around me I could hear cheering and squealing of joy, people turned to each other chatting about how great and glorious Jesus was and that he was now baptised.

  13. I felt amazed that I had seen the sight of Jesus and John bonding together in a holy lake, I thought and knew that Jesus was truly the saviour of our world and he would save us all, after that event occurred I could not sleep at times, thinking of what would come next, if I did manage to sleep I would have dream of Jesus and John. The following day was a new beginning, I prayed more than usual, I went to masses and did good deeds.

  14. pt.4
    With that,Jesus was baptised by John gently putting through the water and back up to symbolise his sins being washed away.The onlookers were in awe with this miraculous event;it was the messiah being baptised by a stranger? A sea of murmours entered the atmosphere a Jesus was being baptised like others.Then John tried to stop him,knowing
    that he was the messiah John said, “Why do you come to me to be baptized? I should be baptized by you!”.Jesus was his name. Jesus with a kind heart replied, “Let it be this way for now. We should do all things that are right.” So John agreed to baptise The


    Just as soon as the moment began,I felt like a new wave of kindness had taken over the outer world.I thought that god had just reincarnated himself in this man;showing the rest of the world that we should all be nice to each other.The following night i could not sleep;I was just thinking about the recent event that had happened and how I was a fisherman prior to this experience that is once in a million.The day after this I decided to be baptised and preach the good news of God.

    Pt. 6

    Their I met John, inn my mind i thought over and over again that this was the person who had made the impossible possible,[have our messiah serve us and not us serve him].John suddenly said,”I noticed you were in awe when you saw the kind dead that I had done to others by baptising”.I reacted instantly by asking if I was able to baptised and sure enough he said yes.Jesus said that, “My dear child, I hope you follow God after your baptism has occurred.”I felt privileged to be spoken to by the son of God.I responded by agreeing and promising to follow God’s word.i now believe the messiah will always be beside me and will guide along the right path.This will shape being a follower of God and Jesus.

  15. 4) Jesus was baptised by John placing his right hand on Jesus’ chest. After John gentle put him underwater and Jesus’ sins were washed away. The onlookers were stood in awe as an event like no other had just taken place. They saw a Messiah being baptised by one of his family members. You could hear a calm and smooth voice that inspired trust. John had just done something never done before.

    5) Just as soon as this moment had begun, I felt like something new, special and earth shattering had begun. I thought that John had just started a new wave of happiness had begun and my mind was racing for the rest of the day. Throughout the night the only major thought was about a baptism that I had never seen before. As the sun rose in the morning I had a long think as to wether it was something that I should consider myself.

    6) There I met John. In my mind I was monotonously replaying the events from the prior event. Shortly after, John suddenly said, “After watching this occurrence would you consider being baptised yourself.” I reacted instantly and said, “Yes, of course I would be willing to do that.” Jesus reacted by saying, “Dear son of God, I hope you follow in the path of God through your life.” I felt privileged to be spoken to by the Messiah and I responded by agreeing with Jesus and making a lifetime promise to live out His words. I now believed that God was with me and he will always be bedside me and I will be guided along the right path. My life has been transformed to be a follower of God and to b an assistant of the Holy Messiah. My life has been changed forever.

  16. In my mind I knew that God and his son would save us all, before John baptised people he told them to stop running away from God and run to him, in the crown I nodded in agreement because I knew at some times I did run away from God. Jesus said suffer it to be so now when John said he is not worthy of baptising thee. I felt inspired after those words and I smiled along with the audience. Now I believe that you are never young enough or small enough to do anything. My life is now shaped better, I pray more, go to more masses and worship God with good actions, and spreading the word.

  17. 4) It felt good to see that John and Jesus were bonding together. Jesus was baptised with one arm around his shoulder and when he was brought back up, millions of sparkles like diamonds burst out onto the lake, making it dance and shimmer in glorious beauty. The onlookers clapped for Jesus as he was brought out of the water and a bright light enveloped the sky and shone upon Jesus. I could hear people cheering and clapping because the saviour was here to rescue us from our sins. It really was a moment to remember.

    5) Just as soon as this moment had begun, I felt shocked because I know that what John had been saying was true. I also felt astonished for I have never seen and heard anything that has ever happened like this before. I could not stop thinking about what had happened today that I could hardly get any sleep because I have witness the lord getting baptised. It felt like the power of the Holy Spirit had followed me home: I realised that God will always be there for us no matter what we do. The following day, I prayed more than usual because that day had inspired me to do more kind things. I did it because I want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

    6) Rather than going fishing in the holy river, I instead sat next to it and gazed at my reflection. Behind me, I could see a man who looked familiar approach me. It was John, he told me that he noticed me praying all night and he asked me if I wanted to be baptised! I replied with an immediate ‘yes’! I couldn’t believe that I was going to be baptised in the same river that Jesus was baptised in. After I was baptised, I could feel the power and energy of the Holy Spirit flowing through my body. Jesus walked over to me and told me,” I hope you follow in the footsteps of God as you live to the fullest of life.” I responded by saying that I will try my best to be the image of God. It was a privilege meeting Jesus and He gave me a promise that I will cherish for a life time. This day has shaped me to be a disciple of God and a servant of the saviour. Now I can live knowing that God will guide me through this journey of life.

  18. I was watching Jesus being baptised, he softly went in the water and came back up again. The people around the River Jordan were staring in awe of the sight that they saw. At the time I was thinking about about becoming one of his Disciple but I didn’t know that one day I would actually become a disciple. I now believe that amazing things can happen to you. After I had witnessed this I was a mixed of feelings confused, happy and special to see it in person.
    After this happened I happily said to myself “My life is never going to be the same!” This day was the best day of my life.

  19. Jesus’ baptism part 4

    With that, holding their breath waiting for this moment to arrive Jesus went underwater with millions of sparkles like diamonds burst out onto the lake, making it dace and shimmer in glorious beauty. Calm and as smooth as silk: a voice that inspired trust came down from the heavens.

    Jesus’ baptism part 5

    With every bone in my body feeling mesmerised all of the onlookers felt the same as me. (in awe) Later that day my mind raced thinking that it was so special to watch such an amazing event and how lucky i was to have witnessed such a sight. The next day, when i woke up the thought of observing Jesus’ baptism crossed my mind again it was the beat thing to ever happen to me and i will never forget it.

    Jesus’ baptism part 6

    Every day i monotonously replayed the events from the day before in my head over and over again. Then John the baptist came over an said to me, “Thank you for coming to this celebration i hope to see you again soon” After hearing this a replied back, “I hope to see you again soon too” After witnessing this event, i now believe that anything is possible if you just try your hardest. Now my life will never be the same.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. I think this was a big deal for us because the river Jordan has been blessed and the son of God has gone in there. After that I was going to sleep but I couldn’t because of the amazing, extraordinary, beautiful thing that happens today and I felt that we where all blessed in a way but I didn’t know. The next day I went to the river and I prayed to God and asked what happens yesterday because it was unbelievable and I’m guessing Jesus wanted to show that he cares and he’s like every other human but at the same time different.

  21. It was astonishing, amazing and unusual to see the messiah being baptised in dirty water. I could see the guests faces shocked and I could also hear murmurs from when God had came down to say “ As my beloved son I am well proud. The sight that occurred me was the millions of sparkles bursting with shimmer and shine went upon the lake making it not dirty but special.

  22. 1)As the lamb of God was baptised, John (as he is baptised) conversed with the father about Jesus entering the eternal family. The onlookers were silent, they anticipated, they waited in hope for our father’s love. The sound of joyful birds echoed throughout the fields; many heart warming spirits flowed through the bodies of God’s people.

    2) As my head was being dipped in the water, I felt a rush of hope and love oozing through my veins. I imagined myself spreading the good news of God and lifting the spirits of poor humble people. The very same evening I could not sleep at all; I could hear voices. The voice of God swivelled inside my confused brain. The following day I lay idle in my house as being a disciple takes a great strength and a strong religious faith.

    3) I felt as if two words had collided in eternal love. I responded to my calling to be apart of this family by spreading the gospel of the Lord. I now believe that I am a part of an eternal family that will guide me to heaven and onwards in life.

  23. Pt. 4
    As Jesus was pulled up from the holy water, the glowing Holy Spirit has came down and a suddenly a deep, soothing voice explained how proud he was to have a holy and humble son. I could see in everyone’s eyes that they were in awe. Millions of sparkles like diamonds burst onto the lake. The vibrant sun reflected onto the lake.

    Pt. 5
    I was grateful that I could seek such a special moment like this. All night, my mind was racing with questions until daylight dawned; I hardly had any sleep! As I watched the golden hues of the sun blanket the sky I realised everyone had noticed that John the Baptist was right.

    Pt. 6
    There I met John like a moth to a flame, immediately I stood up and began to follow this fellow. I felt like I hadn’t seen anything like it. I now believe everything that John had preached. We were all waiting for Christ’s saviour. This has shaped my life to be a holy man of God and to be a disciple. My life would never be the same!

  24. Part 4
    I looked around and felt so lucky in the presence of Jesus and to wittness something so spiritual. It was a glorious day. I felt happy and contempt, amongst people who also seemed calm and at peace with this blessing. Something changed this day forever. The way in which i could now see so clearly. It was like a new path had been created for us all. We can now chose this new path with now oppotunities and experiences in life.

    Part 5
    John said ” I baptise thee having authority from almighty God” these words made me feel whole. I feel lucky to be present to hear these words. I felt my own faith suddenly grow immensely stronger. Reconfirming my belief i felt joy.

    Part 6
    As Jesus rose from the water and looked thoughtfully into Johns eyes. As though though speaking to each other with out words. Jesus left the water gracefully and with a pureness. I went home and i reflected upon my life. I felt anything was possible. It made me look at my own life, my own faith and made me think about how i can be more like Jesus, selfless and humble. My troubles can become peace, my worries can be forgotten. I could see clearly what was important in life. Material things were irrelevant and my faith and humanity is life and living. Who are we to judge? Jesus showed me that day that everyone counts, we are all the same and all can follow Jesus in his mission to spread Gods word as gracefully and humble as he.

  25. Pt4)
    Jesus was baptised with John holding his hands and a hand on his back. John helped Jesus lean back into the water. The onlookers were curious of the situation, their faces had been covered with a sheet of excitement and curiosity. They had not turned their eyes away from the action. There was a dove which I thought could be the Holy Spirit. This was a sign of God looking upon us. As the Holy spirit came down, there was a voice. The words that were spoken were, “This is my beloved son”. I believed that this was God, and that the dove had been sent from God. I can also call it the Holy Spirit.

    Just as soon as this moment had begun I felt holy and this is because i thought that if someone such as a holy king was baptised then his people would become as holy as him. I then decided to go to sleep after that. However, I could not sleep that night because of all the thoughts that raced through my mind. The next day, I was wonder why and how this happened.

    In my mind I repetitively replayed the events from the day before. Before John baptised Jesus he said, “I baptise the having authority from the almighty God as you have entered into a covennent to serve him.” My reaction to this was a very shocked reaction. I also forgot about everything as I was drawn to the action. But before anything else, Jesus said, “I have need to be baptised of thee, and comest thou to me? Suffer it to be so now:for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.” I felt astonished that these words had been spoken. My response to this was to live out God’s and Jesus’ mission. Now i believed that a saviour could become holy even if they were already holy. This will now shape my life by helping me to realise anything is possible.

  26. 3) As Jesus was sinking in the cold water of the river Jordan everyone in the crowd started gasping looking at the mesmerising view of the sky being parted. When Jesus got baptised fully a sound came from the sky as a bright light shone over Jesus it was amazing. The voice said that ‘This is my son and I am very proud of him!’ Everyone in the crowd started talking to one another, it was the voice of God that is what someone thought.

    4) Just as soon as this moment had began, I felt so shocked and felt like something great has just happened in my life, I was thinking of all the times our village has been in danger and from now on, something new, special and earth-shattering had started. After this had happened,I decided to go to my house and go to sleep for a bit of time, but I couldn’t my mind raised with this possibility all night. As daylight dawned the following morning, and the golden hues of the sun blanketed the sky I wanted to go get baptised.

    5) There I met John the Baptist as everyone calls him, I kept thinking about what had happened yesterday but everyone else was the same so, I just went back to being my normal self then John said to me ‘Do you want to be a follower of Jesus?’ I felt so happy and joyful it was amazing I really wanted to meet Jesus and now I could be with him all the time! Then suddenly Jesus said to me, ‘Come join me on this path to save these people from harm.’ I felt so thankful to God for making me alive to have this moment, so I said ‘Yes.’ I said it with hope, that we could now save all these peoples lives and now I still believe if you have trust in God you will be able to do absolutely anything. My life would never be the same, I knew from that moment to the next.

    From, Andrew

  27. As soon as Jesus was baptised, millions of sparkles like diamonds burst out on to the lake from the sky. Suddenly the Holy Spirit came down and voice of God said “This is my son, I love him and I am proud of him listen to what he says.”

    When I saw this happen I was astonished. I couldn’t believe that I would be able to see Jesus getting baptised! At that moment I froze and watched the Son of God getting baptised. Then on the following day, I thought about how I can be like Jesus.

    Further more, I always repeat the words that God said on Jesus’ baptism in my mind even though, my reaction was very surprised. I will always believe that God has something planned for us like he does for Jesus and will start to follow Jesus’ footsteps as I have just seen something incredible.

    Sincerely Andrew.

  28. As the crowed watched Jesus step into the water John the Baptist held Jesus’ hand and said “ I baptise the having authority from the almighty god as a testimony that you have entered into a covenant to serve him”. He says this as he has his arm raised to the side of him. After that he put his hand on Jesus’ chest. He holds Jesus as he supports him going under the water. Finally when he is baptised he rises from the water and a cotton white dove descends from the sky. All around me I heard the crowd cheering. Jesus hugged John to say thank you for baptising him.

    I felt great because Jesus has just been baptised. I also felt like a brother to Jesus who had never left his side. I was puzzled a lot because I knew that he was our saviour so when I notice the dove fly down it made me wonder how did that happen as soon as Jesus risen from the water a dove descended from the sky. I could barely get to sleep that night wondering if Jesus was really our saviour how did the dove come at the exact time of Jesus’ baptism. That night millions of questions where flying around my head like…how?why?

    This will shape my life because it teaches me how much Jesus was willing to do whatever his father wanted him to do and what he needed him to do. I believed that Jesus was really our saviour and that he really was the son of God. I heard a voice from the Holy Spirit and it said “this is my son I love him and I am proud of him listen to what he says”. It made me even more convinced that he was the son of God.

  29. He was baptized by John whilst He reclined into the water . Onlookers gazed at this sight in astonishment for they had never pictured their messiah so humble and ready to serve others . Jesus went under the water as I felt my heart beaming with joy and admiration for the lamb of God ; John preformed the sacrament as the harmonious melody of the birds around me danced in my ears . John baptized Him by saying ,” I baptize thee having authority from the almighty God as a testimony that you have entered into a covenant to serve him.” his voice was as smooth as silk:a voice that inspired trust.

    Just as soon as this moment had begun ,I felt God’s love lift my spirits whilst I thought of how God’s voice called out that day and how Jesus’ baptism changed me that day . I thought about what I had seen that night ;my mind raced with this possibility all night as daylight dawned the following morning. The following day I felt inspired and ready to become a part of the family of God.

  30. I felt blessed to see this. My advice is to follow in jesus’ footsteps and be kind to others. When I found out, that night I couldn’t sleep I was thinking about it, it wouldn’t come out of my head. I was overjoyed that a few days later I was a disciple of Jesus, I was so grateful that this happened to me. I had so many questions such as, why did you pick me?, why didn’t you baptise John? and what was it like to be baptised? The people were holding their breath waiting for him to get baptised. Millions of sparkles like diamonds burst out onto the lake, making it dance and shimmer in glorious beauty.

    Jesus’ voice inspired trust to the people, there mouths open in confusion and excitement. With Johns hand on Jesus’ chest and His hand on top he slowly got put in the water and came back up. Was this real? I pinched myself hoping that it was real, and it was! It was like a dream come true. I felt special for once in my life, from being a fisherman, now to a disciple of Jesus. The two jobs were so different, but it was really easy to choose. Even though I enjoyed my fisherman job I still wanted to be a disciple. I was really excited, I was going to be like Jesus and be with him all the time.

  31. I dipped him into the water and brought him back up, meanwhile the onlookers stood at the bank of the river looking. Suddenly millions of diamonds and glitter burst onto the lake, making it dance and shimmer in glorious beauty as the clouds separated. “This is my son. I love him and I am proud of him, listen to what he says.” boomed a calm voice as smooth as silk; a voice that held and inspired trust.

    The spirit of God was telling me that, something new, special and earth-shattering has begun. My mind raced with thoughts of trust and passion as my heart raced with unconditional love. My eyes felt so unbelievable just seeing such a sight warmed up my heart.

    There was a living world in my mind as it monotonously replayed the same images and events from the day before. John spoke, “Why should I baptise him? it should be the other way around!” ” Jesus replied, “This is what God wants me to do.” This made me believe and feel that telling everyone, no matter who you are, you have your own right to be baptised. This shaped my life by knowing, some people were not there when the spirit of God came, so don’t expect everybody to believe. If you believe then you can believe.

  32. Dear friend,
    I write to you as I have witnessed the prophet (known as John the baptist) christen the lamb of God,the saviour,Jesus. This was a mind blowing expirience that I can not witness again. As it is a one in a life time opportunity. Like everyday I was fishing in the lake and saw John baptising. Then a siluoette of a man slowly started to walking towards the lake. John anounced that the man was the saviour and that his name is Jesus..
    I felt hounoured to see such an incredible man get baptised. The whole cround was speachless they didn’t know that John was telling the truth, the truth that a messiah was coming to save us all.He told Jesus he was not wearth to baptise thy but Jesus explained that God ,the father, sent him to be baptised. John must of felt honoured.
    Jesus’ slowly stroll onto the beach and to John in the lake. Everybodys eyes were glued to Him. John anouncced,” I baptise the, having orthority from the almighty God as a testanoimy to serve him.” He slowly got submerged into the crystal clear water. I could see that John was feeling nervouse since he was trembeling.
    Suddenly, the clouds parted in the sky and a glistening beam of light appeared. A deep voice came down (like a white dove). The deep voice announced, “This is my son I love Him and I am proud of him, listen to what he says.” Everybody was speechless about what they just experienced. It was God from heaven speking to us.
    Without a warning, time stopped my mind was still processing what I just witnessed. As was everybody else around me. As my mind completed the prosses Jesus was exiting the lake for the next person to be baptised. I want to be a loyal follower and be like the lamb of God , our savior. As should you.
    I now belived in John. I now know he was carring out the Good News that a messiah was coming and so they did. God belives that he will not stop doing good deads and I will too. Jesus is the son of God: He is the messiah. As I watched him walk further and further He slowly disappeared into thin air.I will always remember this moment.
    From Andrew.

  33. Jesus was baptised in the Jordan river, he was baptised by in getting dunked in and out the water.
    The on lookers where the people who watched Jesus getting baptised.They stayed quite through out the baptism and listened gently and held there breath to the words they said. We heard the sound of birds singing in there nests as John and Jesus talked. The words that was said was the beginning of Jesus mission. The words that was said changed the world.
    I felt amazed and glad that this savour has came to take a way the sins of the world and be free with God.I thought this was a miracle and that all things an earth would become a better peaceful place and that are sins will be washed away. That night I felt curious and eager to see what would happen to the point were I could not sleep.I felt worried and excited.
    In my mind I kept on thinking about that moment and what was going to happen later on. The moment John said and pointed at Jesus I here’d what he said ,” look it’s the one the saviour” when he said that I was amazed and happy. I felt glad that he was here and followed him him always.I now believe that we should believe and become better people in life. It will shape my life by showing me and guiding me always.

  34. When Jesus finished getting baptised, it looked like he was just reborn into a new life. The sun became more intense as he walked up the riverside and the clouds departed feeling like God is viewing Jesus from above. The onlookers gazed in awe at this sight and we all heard the sound of calm rustling water that came from the Jordan river.

    I felt like I was truly blessed to see this happening, feeling like God has chosen me to view this type of event. After that I started to pray to Jesus, hoping he will save our Earth. My mind raced with this possibility all night as daylight dawned the following morning, and the golden hues of the sun blanketed the sky.

    There I met John with intense and immediate interest. I got up and decided to follow John, including believing what John preaches. This shaped my life to become a disciple of God and an influencer to others.

  35. As the moment began I felt special because it was I who had attended the messiah baptism, I felt something new, special and earth-shattering had started. I thought that it was mind racing thinking of the thought of me attending the baptism.

  36. I was thinking about what happened the offer day because I thought it would be a sign or something. I felt amazed and shock because you wouldn’t usually see a special man go in dirty water I feel like my life would never be the same as it use to. I now believe that miracle can happen and they can be surprising but it can happen. This will help me to not take people for granted because I didn’t believe in him but now I do.

  37. There I met John,whas I dreaming ? John suddenly proclaimed ,”Look He is here the lamb of God,He is going to take away the sins of the world .” . I was shocked by this : Jesus was the messiah he did not need to become a member of God’s family .However ,Jesus replied , “this is what God wants me to do .”. After that experience it was all clear to me ,I could finally see that Jesus was ready to serve God ; He was humble to others and he helped people who were in darkness .I now believe in God and that Jesus is the savior and because of this I have decided to leave my life as a fisherman and become a disciple of Jesus. After I had seen life would never be the same.

  38. When I met John I keeled asking my self if this was a dream and was reapeating the event over and over again. But I felt jaw-dropped when John had spoke to me because I was the one talking to thee who had baptised Jesus Christ. Jesus had also thanked me for attending his baptism and I knew that when I will leave all these people my life will never be the same.

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