Judo: my special skill

Ever since I was little, I played Judo at school. It was my favourite thing to do, and every week I couldn’t wait until Wednesday when Judo started.

I like Judo because it’s not about harming your partner, it’s about trusting them.

Over the years more and more people became coming to Judo. The older people helped me to become the best I am now. Although many people didn’t want to work with the older ones, I loved to as they always taught me different ways.


A grading is where you get quissed on your grading book to see if you know what to do (and also to make you practice.)

Any questions about Judo, put in the comments!


  1. I have some advice for you Cole: You should have a look at a page, close the book and try it. If you can’t do it then have another look and repeat this for every page until you are confident in your grading. Then on the day, just try your hardest. I think you will do great.

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