Keys to a Happier Life

BRW celebrated World Mental Health Day today, and Year 6 embraced the many different ways we can live a happier, healthier life…in body and mind!
We learnt ten ways to be happier using the acronym ‘Great Dream’. We exercised, wrote true, genuine compliments from the heart and wrote our own personal pledges that will help us to lead a happier life! We even became more mindful through Minecraft!

Take a look at all the fun…

Watch this space – as a class, we have pledged to do more yoga and meditation. We will be happier and calmer than ever! 🙂


  1. Today was fabulous because we all dressed up in different colours and learnt positive and nice statements of the word ‘great dream’. The activities we did were wonderful, we did: statements of ‘great dream’, dressed up in lovely colours, had a k-day (8 curcits around the play ground) and we did some work.

  2. I LOVED THIS DAY! I loved the 10 statements for ‘great dream’. It shares positive vibes and it helped me to believe in myself.

  3. I had so much fun today. We did our exercise and stayed positive and happy. We looked at what great dream stands for. We also picked someone out of a jar and wrote a compliment about them and put it into the compliment box.

  4. Today, I loved it when we took that wonderful class photo together and when we took a lucky dip inside a jar to write down nice compliments about each other. When we were all listening to: GREAT DREAM, I began to think about what makes me happy and what I want to achieve.

  5. Another one of my favourite moments was when we did the K-a-day in order to release all our happiness and energy; becoming mindful and calm. As well as that, when we thought about our future goals and dreams for the day, for Year 6 and for life, a feeling of determination started rising inside me.

  6. One more of my enjoyable moments was when we went through to the lab in order to play Minecraft. We didn’t just play minecraft, but the course we did taught us about appreciating our surroundings and ourselves. It was really fun!

  7. My favourite part of Mental Health day was that we get to play Minecraft and play mindful night lesson. Mental Health day helped us improve our well being. It also gave us an opportunity to show gratitude to the nature around us.

  8. It was so much fun yesterday definitely boosted my mood. Our mental health lesson taught us that having good mental health doesn’t mean we have to be happy all the time it means to have the resilience to bounce back from hard situations.

  9. I really enjoyed World Mental Heath Day because there were lots of fun activities such as a K a day and Minecraft. I also really enjoyed learning the different meanings in GREAT DREAM.

  10. This was an amazing event as we wrote compliments anonymously to random classmates in our class to improve our attitude as well as theirs. This event made the entire class and school have a happy and great day which made all of us more aware about others feelings and personalities, I loved this event as we all had fun and dressed up in rainbow or colourful clothes.

  11. I loved world mental health day because it showed me how to be happier with ‘great dream’. I also loved how we did a pledge to show we promise to do these objectives

  12. I thought it was a great idea to play a mental helth inspired minecraft game. Juring the K-a day, we had to push past our limits because exersice makes you happer. WE alos rote a complement card to someone. I most enjoyed dresing up in ranbow colours.

  13. i liked mental health day because we made pledges this is a really positive activity that helps you stay on track to good habits!

  14. I loved learning about mental health. You can calm down or be happier by do things for others, connect with people, look for what’s good and find ways to bounce back.

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