KS1 and FS Liturgy on Friendship!

This morning the class 2 liturgy team led our worship. The theme was FRIENDSHIP!

When we walked into the liturgy we were greeted with a hand shake. This is one way you can make friends!

We heard a story from the Bible which told us about Jesus’ baptism. When you are baptised, you are beginning your friendship with God and the Church’s family.

When the scripture was read out a second time, the class 2 liturgy team acted out the story and we saw John the Baptist baptise Jesus in the river and the Spirit of God appeared.

After we heard the scripture, we stood up and we found a new person to speak to, we shuck their hand and we told them something about ourselves and asked them a question too.

Our mission is to make friends with as many people as we can! To play with someone new, be cheerful and help someone in need. How can you be kind and make new friends?

In the liturgy we heard a song about friendship called ‘count on me’,  have a listen to the words and think about the special friends in your life!
Here are some drawings of our friends which we did in year 1!

By Mia and Osayu



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