KS1 Epiphany!

This morning the year 2 Liturgy team led us in a liturgy on the theme of Epiphany looking at the wise-men visiting baby Jesus. They brought gifts of Gold Frankincense Myrrh. What gifts can we bring to Jesus today? We looked at how we can be kind to each other and saying nice things as that would make Jesus proud of us and make him happy.

The song we listened to as we came in was really nice and the words mean a lot to us as its all about the birth of baby Jesus and the wise-men coming to visit him.


We turned the people nice to us and shared nice messages. You might want to say to someone you are trustworthy and a lovely friend. Let us know in the comments what you would like someone to say to you!  We really enjoyed this as it made us feel special and loved. We were welcomes by the Liturgy team shaking our hands and making us feel welcome!

We watched a video all about the scripture when the wise-men came to visit Jesus we loved the video so would like to share it with you!

Please let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the video!

Rhian and Millie

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