KS2 Liturgy- Belonging

The word of the week is Belonging!

This week our class 6 Liturgy team led us through a virtual liturgy.

In our classrooms we set up a prayer focus at the front of the room to help us feel prayerful and inspire our prayer. It included a bible because the Word of God inspires our prayer, a candle because Jesus is the light of the world, green drape because we are in ordinary time and we had our school motto displayed ‘We are BRW Spirit Strong’.

In the Liturgy we thought about what it means to belong to Jesus’ family and our BRW family.

The scripture was from the prophet Isaiah, it reminded us that we belong to God and shouldn’t be afraid.

For our group action, we were all given hearts to write on. We were asked to write down how belonging to a community makes us feel. You could also write a person’s name on the heart, maybe someone who you appreciate and helps you feel like you belong.

We listened to a beautiful hymn called ‘You have called us by our name’. The hymn lyrics talk about how we belong to God, he is our Father and we are His children. 

We were given a mission at the end of our Liturgy. Our mission was to make the people around us feel like they belong. You can do this by making people feel welcome and not leave anyone out.

By L and K (Year 6)

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