Leavers’ Liturgy, Fuddle and Disco!

What a year! Year 6 celebrated in style their final year at BRW yesterday with a beautiful liturgy outdoors, a delicious fuddle and a brilliant disco to end the evening!
The heavens opened and gave us some much-needed respite from the heatwave after the Year 6’s rendition of ‘You Gotta Be’ – it was as though their singing had invoked a miracle!

The fuddle was incredible! Sandwiches, crisps, sweets and cake and some exciting decorations made the celebration so much more special. A massive thank you to the wonderful Year 6 parents who so generously donated to make the evening memorable!

And what can we say about the moves on the dancefloor?! We have some phenomenal dancers, that’s for sure!

Here’s to Year 6, 2020-2021! You deserved this wonderful celebration! Take a look at all the fun…


  1. The disco was so fun!!! I remember it like it was yesterday! It’s true, there were some sick dance moves on the floor and the songs were so enjoyable!

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