Lego Circus

This term, Year 6 are learning about a man named P.T. Barnum from the Greatest Showman and New York City! Year 6’s knowledge on Lego paid off in the Computer Lab where we created our own Ferris Wheel! We all agreed this was a fun and great chance to do teamwork and use the computer to help us build! We all had our separate roles of: picture lead, building lead, and computer lead! Because of this, we all worked together to complete a moving Ferris wheel.

We set off in our groups of three or twos and worked together like a dream team! We worked with small pieces to cables and wires while ensuring that we have followed every step. We created unforgettable memories together and kept them with the photos to create an incredible pic collage sharing all the different groups! Year 6 are sure that this was an awesome time to show off our skills!

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