Love, Laughter and Worship in Year 2 Liturgies

We know it is important to make time to pray and reflect together each week.

Year 2 are now confident leaders when it comes to planning a liturgy. Each house group takes one of the key parts of the liturgy and prepares it for the rest of the class. Once each part has been prepared, then we are ready to worship together.

Year 2, how do you feel when you are leading us in worship?

What has been your favourite liturgy so far?

What liturgy themes would you like in the future?

We are blown away each week by the children’s passion for prayer. We have tried lots of different ways to worship so far including song and dance. Watch some of the videos below to see the children leading us to encounter Christ.

This response to scripture was so much fun…

This group performed scripture from the book of Psalms beautifully…

Prayer through singing…



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