Magical Minecraft!

In our computing classes, we have been building our very own Greek temples in Minecraft! This task, which we started a couple of weeks ago, has proven difficult, as we have to carefully decide which blocks we would have to use to create a realistic Greek temple.

Even though this is a challenging build, everyone cannot possibly wait for it to be Wednesday or Thursday, so that we can carry on building our terrific temples.

What have you built in Minecraft? What kind of computing skills do you think you need to be successful at Minecraft?


  1. This was such a fun activities because you could go wild with your imagination and this was all your work. That even includes the design. We also had to use a few maths strategies especially when it came to building the foundation of the Greek temple but also the roof. I thoroughly enjoyed choosing my very own design.

  2. I really enjoyed making a Greek temple: you could do any design and let your imagination run wild.πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

  3. Minecraft is a fun and difficult task. It builds up our knowledge of computing and it also gives us a chance to be creative like Lenisha has told us!

  4. Minecraft is so fun and we are so lucky we get the opportunity to do it. It makes our brains think and helps us improve our computing skills.

  5. I really enjoy playing minecraft. I have now finished my Greek temple and I am proud of it. It was so much fun when we built them in Year 6. At home, I have built many things, including a circus!

  6. We had to make sure the right blocks were positioned properly so our Temple looked Like a real Greek Temple.

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