Marc Chagall

This week’s Year 6 Blogger – Charlotte!

Marc Chagall was an abstract artist that creates amazing pieces of art that please the eye. His dreamlike art creates a feeling of fantasy due to the techniques he used in his pieces.

His art is very inspiring because he worked from his imagination rather than real life so he can create a dreamlike look to his paintings. He created this look by adding in abstract things to his paintings and also mixing realistic things but adding a twist to them .

He was born on 7th July 1887 and he died 28th March 1995.

My overall thoughts on his art are that he was a very talented artist and he did very inspiring things and even though it was WW2 and all Jew’s were being fought against he still continued painting. I love his art work because of the dreamlike feel it has and that it is quite unique. Even though other people do abstract art his art his very different and creative.

My attempt on making a piece of art inspired by Marc Chagall was very good. It was called ‘A hypnotic sky’. I did a neon rainbow line of buildings that were curved around the right side of the picture and I did a Turquoise sky. I also did a blimp in the sky because our topic is WW2. Some of my techniques were blending smudging and outlining. The materials I used were soft pastels and charcoal to outline they created some nice texture to it in some part of the piece as well.

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  1. Beautiful, hypnotic artwork inspired by Marc Chagall. Well done, I am impressed with the vivid colour and techniques you have used.

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