Marvellous Maths Problems

Here are a few maths problems that will make you brain buzz!

1) Easy: The fruit shop

Bananas = 70p / Apples = 80p / Oranges = 60p / Peaches = 90p / Pears = 70p

Sam bought 3 apples, 1 orange and 2 peaches. Hannah bought 4 pears and 2 bananas. Who spent the most money? If you divide both of their totals by 60, what would the answer be? If Sam gave the shop owner £5 how much change would he get?

2) Medium: The runner

Susan runs 5 kilometres each day, except for the weekend. It takes her 25 minutes to do each run. How far does she run in 3 weeks (give your answer in meters)? How long (time) does she run in 2 weeks (give your answer in hours and minutes)?

3) Hard: The flower patch

The area of the flower patch is 20 meters squared. There are 10 flowers per meter squared. 30% is roses, 40% is daffodils, 20% is bluebells and 10% is tulips. How many bluebells are there? How many more daffodils are there than tulips?

4) Extra hard: The ice skating show

There are 2000 seats at the ice rink. A ticket for an adult costs £5 whereas a child ticket costs £2.50. All of the seats were filled and 40% of the audience was adults. How much money did  the show receive once everyone paid for their ticket?



  1. Math day was so fun and at the end of the day we did a great math times tables rock stars test and we John came second my friend Neha completed the TEST! OUT OF 60

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