Marvellous Multi-Step Word Problems

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Multi-step word problems are when you have an equation that requires two or more steps to get to the answer. There are different ways to solve these word problems including using multiplication and division. An example of a Word problem is: A group of 9 children and 7 adults are going to the zoo. Child tickets cost £5, and adult tickets cost £7. How much will the zoo tickets cost in all? For this, you will need to use addition and multiplication. Try to solve this problem! Show your reasoning in a comment!

In my’ opinion these problems are my favourite because if you understand them and know what to do, they are quite easy and quick to finish. You can also do multi-Step word problems with decimals to. For example ‘Amy and her brother eat a whole tub of ice cream. She eats 1/9 of the tub. How much do her brothers get each?’ If you got it correct it is 8/27. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. DO you have any multi-step word problems you can challenge me to solve?!


  1. I especially enjoy maths because you have different problems I especially like multi-step word problems because there is many different ways you can solve them and some are challenging but really fun but some are easy to start of with.

  2. In my opinion word problems are usually quite hard and I all ways love a challenge as well as it makes us think hard

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