Mathletics Magician of the Week!

Mathletics Magician of the Week!

We are very lucky to have Mathletics online to help us with our maths! This is the perfect place to practice what you’ve been learning in class, refine your mathematical skills and prepare for the next step in maths!

Take a look below at our Mathletics Magicians this week (week ending 22.5.20)…their performance is simply MAGICAL!


Highest Participation

The following children have played and scored the most points on Mathletics!

Year 1 Jett (new leader!)

Year 2 Isabella (you’ve maintained your top spot!)

Year 3 Benedict (new leader!)

Year 4 Nathan (new leader!)

Year 5 Gabriel (you’ve maintained your top spot!)

Year 6 Amelia (new leader!)

They have all earned a star for their house!

And the Year Group who played the most, and so earned the most certificates?

Year 4 again!

Congratulations everybody! Keep playing magically!


    • Hi Zachary
      Please don’t be sad, We are only ever a message away. I will be checking the blog regularly so keep your eyes peeled. I hope that the home school pack is keeping you busy.
      Mrs Cook

  1. Oh great work Year 1! I see you’ve been busy with your maths skills – keep it up! I wonder who will win…let the maths battles commence!

  2. Mrs Henderson I have got great news, I just received my first GOLD medal on Mathletics and now I am `A HUMAN CALCULATOR’, although I have been that for a while now. I just took Nathans place but probably not for long!

    • Congratulations Thomas! That’s incredible news. All your hard work has paid off I think you may be right about your friends though 🙂 Keep it going. You really are a human calculator!

  3. Well done to: Isabella-Rose in Year 1, David in Year 2, Chase in Year 3, Nathan in Year 4, Jean in Year 5 and George in Year 6! AND…A big clap for Year 4 because they have earned the most certificates! You have all worked very had and are NEW LEADERS!!!!

    Mathletics is good because it gives you confidence to add numbers together!

    • Thanks for letting me know Osayu. I was updating it ready for next week. Hopefully you can see it now. Mrs Cook

  4. Well done Isabella! Keep up the brilliant work. I wonder if any Year 1’s can take your spot next week? The challenge is on!!!

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