Mathletics Magician of the Week!

Mathletics Magician of the Week!


We are very lucky to have Mathletics online to help us with our maths! This is the perfect place to practise what you’ve been learning in class, refine your mathematical skills and prepare for the next step in maths!

Take a look below at our Mathletics Magicians this week (NSPCC Number Week!)…their performance is simply MAGICAL!




Highest Points Awards

The following children have played and scored the most points on Mathletics!

Year 1 Kenzo

Year 2 David

Year 3 Savion

Year 4 Thomas

Year 5 Steven

Year 6 Leona

They have all earned a star for their house!

And the overall winning class with the most points in total, after adding up every students’ points?? Well take a look at each class’s score for the week…

Year 1 28 298   WINNER!

Year 2 6547

Year 3 18 987

Year 4 3222

Year 5 22 241  Second place

Year 6 20 255  Third place

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