Maths is everywhere…even in art!

Maths is everywhere…even in fabulous art pieces!

Take a closer look…what magnificent maths can you spot?  (Think about lines of symmetry, shapes, lines, angles, polygons, tessellation etc)

Ever heard of Paul Klee?

He was one of the most popular artists of the twentieth century.  His paintings – full of child-like images of angles, birds, music, inventions, poetry, fabulous creatures and shapes – are as exciting today as they were first created.  His talent and unique imagination let us see things in a new way…in a mathematical way!

Look at the images above.  What do you notice?  What’s the same?  What’s different?  What shapes, lines and angles come to life?

Let us know you thoughts during the NSPCC Rock Star Maths Day!  Or better still, ask Year 3 who are the next mathematic-water-colour-Paul-Klee experts!

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