Maundy Thursday: Share A Meal Together

Today is Maundy Thursday.

In today’s Gospel, we hear how Jesus shared a last meal with his disciples. We use the words of the Last Supper during Mass and when we celebrate Mass, it is a time to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. Watch this video below to remind yourselves of the words Jesus used.

Here are some of your wonderful freeze frames showing important parts of the Last Supper:

Another important part of this meal was when Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet. This links to Jesus’ teaching us to love one another and to show humility (that means not thinking you are more important than others).

Today, try to serve your family at home whilst eating a meal together. You don’t have to wash each other’s feet (you can if you’d like!) but you could try serving each other dinner or cleaning up after dinner. This shows love and humility – just like Jesus showed us!

Something else you might like to try today is taking part in a Maundy Thursday Liturgy.

Here is a liturgy led by Ruth and Joe. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and spending time with God.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your Easter everyone. I Made a moving hand, we also made a different sponge cake with blue sprinkles on. Speak soon from poppy

    • Poppy – all your baking delights are making me jealous! I hope your cake was delicious!
      Happy Easter 🙂
      Speak to you soon,
      Miss Cotter x

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