Throughout 2018-2109 at Blessed Robert Widmerpool Primary, our pupils and teachers have been embracing metacognition – that is, ‘thinking about their thinking’!

Metacognition is the process by which we think about and reflect on what we did to complete a task or solve a problem. In other words, it is thinking about how we learn or learnt. This might involve planning how to approach a task to begin with; monitoring progress throughout; and then evaluating the process. Metacognition is known to be central in ensuring excellent learning, and encouraging children to become resilient, learners for life, hence why we value it at BRW!

Take a look at some of the below resources. As a pupil, you might find them useful to use when you are learning. As a parent, you could use them to support your child in their learning at home

  1. Question children on their thinking before, during and after a task e.g.

2. Use these strategies / questions to support metacognition:

3. Encourage the following thinking to support your child in becoming more independent in their metacognition, and foster learning resilience:

4. And also, on the same subject of resilience, we have a few sayings at BRW:

When you’re ‘stuck in the learning pit’, what can you do to climb out?

Take a look at these positive responses…

Thank you for taking the time to read about BRW’s metacognitive learning. We are excited to be taking these steps in creating excellent learning opportunities for our pupils, and we appreciate your support in doing so!