Mind-boggling Microbes

Take a look at some of the independent, in-depth research carried out by the Year 6s on microbes, or microorganisms.

Who knew there were so many different types, and that some bacteria can actually be useful?!

Have the Year 6s left any questions about microbes unanswered? Post them in a comment below!


  1. I really enjoyed doing this thinking board as well as all the other ones we have done. I has widened my knowledge on microbes.

  2. This was a really fun, useful and interesting homework task. I enjoyed learning new information about microbes.

  3. this is my favourite type of homework to do because you can be creative and everybody’s work will be different.

  4. I really love doing thinking boards because it is great fun as you can design it however you like and it tells you a lot of fun facts about microbes and how they are good and bad.

  5. Our microbe homework were amazing! It has such colour and so many facts and interesting information. I think that microbes are so fascinating and we as a class learnt so much. I loved this very creative homework and I am so proud of all the thinking boards.

  6. I learnt so much from this homework. I took inspiration from some of the past Yr 6’s homework’s and enjoyed creating the thinking board. I learnt that fungi is the largest type of microbe and that some types of bacteria are usefulness cooking and making things like cheese.

  7. The microbes homework was really fun as we made a thinking board about them. It was fun to learn about microbes but they can give you a illness.

  8. I thoroughly loved learning about microbes! I learnt some things that I never new before and it has made me want to find out more!!

  9. This homework looks fun and educational. It is busy with information and looks colourful! I’m sure it will help you with science.

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