Moving On and Stepping Up!

This week’s Year 6 blogger? It’s Gabriel!


Hello! Gabriel here!

Today, my blog is about moving up! By this, I mean going into a new classroom environment. I’ve chosen to do this because you all probably know that soon (after this term and the summer holidays that follow) you will move into the class above the one you were previously in. I want to give you all some advice on how to prepare for an increase in maturity!

First, use the summer holidays to relax and feed your brain (basically recharge your batteries)! When I say this, I mean to do things like read, do puzzles, explore your world, just keep your brain cells working! Of course, you should use it to rest and play because you’ve made it through another year! My motto is “Work hard, play hard!”

Next, when you arrive, don’t be nervous! Come to school with a can-do attitude! One that makes you want to learn! Remember that you are still with the friends that you were with in the previous year and that a teacher that you are familiar with is teaching you! But even with those upsides, you should always respect yourself and strive to do your best in class!

Now for the Year 6s, the advice will be a little different as they will be moving up on a larger scale: to a whole new school! I am a Year 6 at the moment so you can take this advice from someone who is going through the actual experience.

First, (and kinda most obvious) don’t be nervous!!! Even though you’ll be with some entirely different people, it’ll be easy to make new friends and memories! Also, there’s a chance that you’ll be in the same class as your primary school friends so don’t worry! Just remember that this is a major chapter in your life that everyone will eventually experience!

Next, if you’re are worried that you aren’t going to the same secondary school as your friend(s) then there is absolutely no reason to worried at all! The ways you can stay in touch are infinite! You could play games together (virtually or physically), meet up someplace, chat on social media (though control yourself and your time on the devices!), and more! Be positive and creative! You will make friends at school and keep old relationships strong, getting the best out of both worlds!

Most of all, remember where you come from, be proud of it, and represent it! BRW SPIRIT STRONG!

That’s all my advice when it comes to moving up a stage in life. I hope this makes you feel a little better about moving up! Bye!


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